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Field Report+: Shaved head, first impressions?

mASF post by TylerDurden

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Field Report+: Shaved head, first impressions?
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2003

On 9/5/03 9:13:00 PM, aceofhearts wrote:
>I finally razored off all my
>thinning hair 10 days ago. I

Yo Ace, honestly CONGRATS man.

Total props.

I gave you a hard time about this before and other guys also.

Honestly, I never give up on this topic. Poor AFC brainwashed beta-guys always
want to dispute it, and it feels like trying to convince a guy from the 4th
century that the world is round.

My hair is thinning also, and I will have very noticable recession within 2
years I expect.

The thing is though with shaving, is that its like me with my peacocking. I'm
not the tallest or best looking guy. I've even gotten somewhat out of shape
since I've been travelling and I don't workout anymore and I eat crap non-home
cooked food.

But I'll still wear a tighter shirt and the plat boots, because its a STYLE.
Like even ugly ugly chicks will still look *better* done up well, than they
will not done up. Even if they don't "pull it off", and its clearly not cool
on them, they still look BETTER than if they didn't do themselves up (for the
poor bastards that they could get).

A shaved head is a STYLE. A HORSESHOE formation at the back is NOT A STYLE.

Full shaved may not absolutely be the BEST style, but at least its a STYLE,
which like loose-fitting clothing and being short, horshoe formation is NOT a

While for some guys (not you man I'm sure), being fully shaven may not be as
good as having at least some hair, it doesn't matter. It's the
SUBCOMMUNICATION that is important.

Like, the whole "I think this looks better" thing (by having at least SOME
hair) is a GUYS MODEL. It's thinking more on what looks best to a GUYS eye,
than what is being SUBCOMMUNICATED to CHICKS.

Formula for appearance = think about what your clothing

I personally like sports jerseys, but they convey that I am part of a HERD and
that I seek identity in entities outside of myself, so I don't wear them

Same with generic brandname clothing (GAP, Old Navy, etc). It
subcommunications that while you are not a total terd-muncher (like you're at
least in-the-know about what's decent), you are paying extra $$$ to wear
something that nobody can make fun of you for. You're wearing something that
is part of a HERD. You're subcommunicating "I wear something that alot of
reasonably alright people wear. If you make fun of it, there's alot of people
who would disagree, so don't bother making fun".

NOTE: There are piles of top PUAs who wear all this stuff. I'm not saying
that they aren't top PUAs - I'm saying that they'd be even BETTER if they'd
make the change.

Peacocking - it conveys alphaness. It conveys "My social-ping system (ie: the
reactions I get from people) is so utterly fucked up, that I can wear this
RETARDED shit, and people still think its awesome.. Nobody will test me because
I am the shit.."

It also INVITES shit-tests, which we're TRAINED to pass. So I'll have girls
approaching me and trying to make fun of me, which I then turn around and all
of a sudden she's my new GF.

Out of nowhere, I had a group of 5 Greek girls that I sat beside on a subway
start yelling at me that I think I'm too cool. By doing little more than
ignoring it, and keeping the "this behaviour is cute because you're my cute
bratty little sister" type frame, I had them inviting me out and trying to set
me up with the cutest one of the group. Like them gaming me.

A shaved head is CONFIDENT. So whether it looks good or not, YOU make it look
good. Even guys with full heads of hair do it sometimes, and it can make them
look superfly cool.

Dude, I spent like 4 years trying to get the perfect GQ style little uniform.
Like I'd get all worried over the cut of my pants and how ironed my stuff was.
Or how cool my black leather shoes were, and how well they blended into the
cuffs of my pants. Or if the shirt was slightly different than the rest, like
it had cool stripes on it or an unusual colour. WHOA..

I'd always try to get this perfect magazine image, but I'd always lose out to
guys with the SAME image, but who were taller, more cut, more muscles, better
hair, cut jaw line. I couldn't win. I could get the best look, but I was just
a SHITTIER version of the NEXT MAN.

Then I started peacocking, even just with superfly shit not even extreme most
of the time - I still do extreme for fun once a week at least, but mostly I
just dress super fucking cool nowadays.. I just don't want to get known as "PVC
guy" type thing in my social circles, so I do it up tight once in a while, and
the rest of the time I'm just super fucking cool like the coolest guys in LA or
London England.

Now I get girls approaching me saying that I'm "gorgeous", "sexy", "confident",
"different", the whole night. Obviously this is a bodylanguage and social
proof subcommunication issue as well since I'm covered with chicks. Still, I
faked it until I made it. It was weird at first, but now when I dress generic
I feel fucked up. You could probably stand me next to the best looking guy in
the club, and the girls will be giving me approach invitations, not the
goodlooking 6'3 muscled, cut jawed, blue eyed, GQ alpha male. That's because
I'm not being judged in a GENERIC CONTEXT (where there will always be another
dude who looks better wearing the exact same little generic uniform), but I
have a context that's different and all my own.

The subcommunications that you can telegraph through clothing is just more
powerful than anything you can convey with genetics, assuming you've taken care
of what you can via good health/grooming.

Same sorts of reactions will go for guys who shave their heads. I know one
dude who did it, and all the chicks who knew him were all over him.

Just remember - shaved head with TAN = superfly cool (especially if you add
supercool clear sunglasses, peirced ears maybe, pimped out
pin-stripped/offcoloured suits, fly shoes, etc - but either way its just BETTER
no matter what). Shaved head with pale skin might = cancer patient (unless it
just goes well either way, which for some guys it might).

Man, I shit you not, I can take the nerdiest/dorkiest/ugliest guy, and turn him
into an 8 in looks (a 7 for the most fucked up). Half-decent looking guys, up
to a 9. It's just by gearing his appearance to subcommunicate alphaness.

For guys who still have hair, you could try "Matrix Dirty Trix" or other wax,
and twisting it up. Also with highlights and shit. I dyed my hair
blonde/brightred like Christina Aguilera when she first turned into a turbo
slut, just this week for London.

I had a 2set of girls open me on the street, and then when I left (I was
actually trying to shop before it closed), I saw them 10 minutes later giggling
and freaking out because they'd come into the store to look for me and started
acting like I was Justin Timberlake or something. I also had amazing reactions
all round (that one was just the most extreme) - like a 4set of Asian girls on
vacation trying to pull me out of set saying that they wanted to take me home
as a "birthday present" for their friend.

Man, this isn't BS. I had guys from the London Speed Seduction Lair see this
go down, jaws dropped. And I hadn't done anything other than just fix my outer
appearance, and obviously the bodylanguage subcommunications that I telegraph.

Dude, I can barely believe this stuff. Like I think I'm going to wake up or
something. Man I was a VIRGIN until 19 and never even had a girl view me as
potentially more than an emotional tampon until 22. I thought I was bad
looking and would never get shit, but now it doesn't matter at all.

Confident outer appearance (like shaving your head) is what DRAWS ATTENTION to
the fact that you're the shit. Like a girl who wears blatant cleavage on her
dress, to draw attention to her breasts.

Your hairstyle conveys "Aceofhearts is the fucking MAN.. Come test, see what

Congrats man, a good choice from a guy clearly committed to take it to the next

I just wanted to post something at length on this, out of hope that other guys
will take the same path. For any guys reading this site daily, and who haven't
taken care of their outer appeance - please consider the fact that you are not
IN the game.

Unless you're in a golddigger context like Miami South Beach or Milan or poor
underprivileged countries, your expensive watch and 1000$ shoes are SYMBOLS of
your AFC-ness. They telegraph A-F-C - "I'm going to subcommunicate status by
wearing overpriced stuff, and show that I need a crutch.. Look, I could provide
for you, I'm financially affluent".

Instead of subcommunicating wealth/provider status, why not convey confidence,
sexuality, being different from the pack? Girls are BORED with generic guys,
and there's always a generic guy who is BETTER THAN YOU.

Or even if you have been having success with the turbo-AFC image, why not just
do a light hearted social experiment and ADD something sexual to it, and see
what happens.

If you're in a "work" environment or a place where you NEED to keep your AFC
stuff, then why not do BOTH. Like keep the stuff you like, but just ADD some
accessories or hairstyle, etc..

If you've been reading the site alot, clearly you're intrigued by it. Why not
take a first step into the real game, and get your health and look up to speed?
Forget even approaching for now, if you look like a DWEEB it will be hard for
hotties to take you seriously. The whole "looks don't matter" thing is TRUE,
but it requires FIRST that you convey total alphaness. Like Wiston Churchill
could get laid like mad, but he's WINSTON CHURCHILL.. Is it actually realistic
that you'll internalize his level of charisma very quickly, without getting
some lays under your belt first? But then how can you do this, if you don't
have it in the first place? What came first, the chicken or the egg? But if
you fix up your appearance, and have girls staring you down and giving you
approach invitations all day, it will get your confidence up and then you'll be
on the right path. Come join us in the field, its alot of fun. An awesome
hobby, you won't regret getting into.


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