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David X Consultation

mASF post by Pap

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David X Consultation
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mASF post by "Pap"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2003

While talking on the mASF Chat, I was asked about David X so here are my notes
from my consulation with David X in October 2002:

David X Consultation Over Phone

I’m planning on going to Montreal to do a workshop with David X and sarge with
him. I’d like to meet up with some of you Montreal guys when I’m down there.
Anyways, I wanted to post to the Lounge about my phone consultation that I
purchased through Cliff. David has a very strong and straightforward attitude
and it is very apparent in his phone convo with me. He talked about specific
methods and specific sarges of mine…and then we went into the David X
methodology of sargin.

Right now, he is working full-time giving seminars and advice. He doesn’t call
himself a pickup artistbecause for him it comes very naturally. He answered
all the questions I came up with and is coming up with a newsletter pretty
soon. David says he focuses on coming off intriguing and mysterious using his
MO…IMO this is because he is very ballsy and honest with his sarges…a scorpio.
He doesn’t know a lot of the masters in the seduction community, or their
methods, but he still gets very good results.

He has met Major Mark and was interviewed by David De Angelo while hanging out
with the NYC Speed Seduction Lair. His claim is that although he is not a good
looking guy…he has a very strong approach because he doesn’t care what HBs
think or say. The reason is because he believes if you spend time thinking
about what they think and say, you will get sidetracked from what you want and
not get the results you want. He talked about 2 clients (one a millionaire and
the other a world traveller)…and their success.

He believes I have a problem of not knowing what the best system is since I
want to hear it all. His opinion is you cannot follow all of the systems and
you have to choose one. I’m not sure if I agree because David doesn’t really
know the other systems very thoroughly and I find integrating good material
from different systems works. On the other hand, David always has a stable of 5
girls…at least until he got married with kids. And David gets amazing results
just with his system…and claims he’s fucked over 500 women.

David wants to develop a system a lot different from RJ…a system where you can
take a course with David once and not need to come back for more work. He also
told me a funny story about how he can smell pussy. When he went to New York’s
SS Lair, he claimed he could smell pussy, and he walked to the back of the room
where he was giving a lecture and opened a closet and found 2 women hiding in
the closet…with very upset faces. He claims he could have fucked them both
after 15 min of convo.

The most interesting thing about the phone consult was he was interested in
giving me advice about how to approach specific sarges. I told him about old
sarges during my AFC days. I told him how I used to spend a lot of money on
dates. He responded by saying that I should call her up now and tell her, "You
know, I spent a lot of money going out with you cuz I wanted to fuck you, but
I’m glad I didn’t cuz I really got to know what a beautiful person you are." I
wouldn’t do this…but this shows his alpha attitude.

As many of you know, he is uses the HRT (Honesty Respect and Trust) routine and
also he is very good at bringing up RULES. He explains why a certain value
(like being spontaneous is important) and will get the HB to agree to this.
Then he will bring up the value if the HB says something or takes an action
that violated the RULE that she agreed to. By doing this, he controls the frame
in which HBs behave around him while he sarges.

Below is the MO of DAVID X:

Rule #1
Don't care what she's thinking!

That doesn't mean don't try to understand women in
general, it means don't care what a specific chick
is thinking at any specific time. Just don't
care. If you do, you'll be thinking for 2 people while
she may very well be thinking for nobody. Just let it
go. What you may be thinking about what's
on her mind is ONLY what you think is going on, most
likely totally wrong anyway. Stop thinking what she's
thinking and stop thinking FOR her. You'll
end up with less worries, have twice the brainpower
available for yourself, and will come across as more
direct and powerful.

2. Don't forget rule #1

3. Follow through. That means, if you say you're going
to do something, do it. If you get her worked up over
something you are going to do with or to
her, follow through. If you don't follow through,
women will hate you for it.

4. Have control. Keep control. You either have control
or you don't. And if you have control, you can either
keep it or not. So when you have control, keep it.

5. Make rules and stick to them. These are YOUR rules.
Things like "I don't tolerate no-shows." or "I'll say
something ONCE - I do not repeat myself." Don't be afraid
to tell chicks your rules as long as you know you won't
break those rules in front of them. Most guys don't have any
rules so you will, at minimum, set yourself apart.
( note: this means you may need to think what your rules
actually are )

6. Don't break your own rules, ever. Once you break
one of your own rules in front of a chick, you will
begin lose control of your situation with that

7. Have a structure and stick to it, no matter what.
Be consistent. This also relates to having a set of
rules and sticking to it.

8. When part of your structure doesn't work
consistently, analyze that part, figure out
why it doesn't work, and repair just that part. Don't
replace your whole structure just because one aspect of it
doesn't work right. Fix just that part and keep improving
your structure over time.

9. Be aggressive and direct when initially approaching
chicks. Don't beat around the bush. Chicks don't have a
clue why you're there - tell them. Just don't be crude about it.

10. Don't lie, but you don't have to give them the
whole truth, either. Never lie to a chick - it's not worth it.
The truth is always better and it's easier to remember.
"The best lie is the truth."

11. Be decisive and lead. Chicks need to be lead. They
don't want an indecisive pussy. Don't say, "I don't know... what
time is good for you?" Say "I'll be there at 6 O'clock. Meet me
then." Don't be afraid to be a little late. They hate it when you're
early and hate you even more when you're right on time. Make them
wait a bit. They will respect you. If they disrespect your time,
drop them.

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