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Field Report: Chicago RAFC Club meets up...

mASF post by Seduction Wizard

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Field Report: Chicago RAFC Club meets up...
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mASF post by "Seduction Wizard"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2004

Hey Mimicker,

You are right. I use to be funny in high school...and I found that humor really
opened up the HBs. Now I realize there is "good humor" and "bad humor".

"Bad Humor" relies on bad sarcasm and insults to get a laugh. "Bad Humor"
wallows in misery. AFCs enjoy "Bad Humor"

"Good Humor" is doing stuff unexpected and therefore funny. "Good Humor" avoid
ridicule and embraces positive jokes.

Keyboard Jockey is "Bad Humor" and so I will change it.

Hopefully the login "Seduction Master" isn't taken ;)

Soon-to-be Seduction Master

P.S. Man, I feel better already :)

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