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Re: Online PU experiment report

mASF post by turtoni

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Re: Online PU experiment report
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mASF post by "turtoni"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, November 11, 2002

> "CRapper MC" wrote:
> My mom is in her 70's.

and you're her fat bald bug eyed socially retarded nerd.
it's an old story.

> If she is getting sex, then good for her.

do you often fantasize about your momma being banged?

> btw, why do you fantasize about my mom?

your momma's so fat when she steps on the scale it says one at a time

> Are these the kind of women you normally get?

the kind you get always end up stuck together.

turtoni - put down the macy's bra section dude, you're drooling again.

>>> "CRapper MC"
>>> Riker, online seduction master, claims tremendous online success and
>>> claims to get the best women.

>> riker was talking about your momma.
>> turtoni - he banged her too.

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