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Re: The Only Solution by Mystery

mASF post by irishalpha

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Re: The Only Solution by Mystery
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mASF post by "irishalpha"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 2002

> It is this example and many others that clearly explain why you are no longer
> considered the a king PUA of ASF. Mystery has beat you, man. Did you ever
> think a man so different from your average human would put his nuts on the line
> and sell workshops for a far superior method? MM will get you hotter chicks
> than SS. Erik von Markovik is really something and he would make mincemeat out
> of you in a PU competition.. and you know it. Calling him a moron... what is
> this? After reading this I'm glad for Erik didn't go into business with the
> likes of you.
> If you're going to whine again how you're such an old fart, what about the
> statement you made that "AGE DOESN'T MATTER" for SS? Clubs or no clubs, MM
> rules.
> I am not saying SS is bad. I will be learning SS for the girls that I simply
> can't get because of complications to further my game.
> All I'm saying is this: if you would refrain from the insults and childish
> insults about David DeAngelo, Mystery, etc, I strongly believe more people
> would respect you. You are no longer the #1 ranking master as you've claimed
> to be, and I think this has a lot to do with it. You're slamming methods and
> PUAs that a HIGH percentage of ASF members HIGHLY respect. It'll make you look
> like Ray. Do you really want that?


I find it very funny that the founders of new thinking on seduction,
including Ross can't accept people might want to use their own minds
to expand on what they have been thought.

Take my example, I am relatively new to this, about one year. I am in
a relationship about 5 years and want to stay in it. I also want to
have intense sexual experiences with other women without effecting my
primary relationship too much. So I come to this with an open mind.
Try some of the stuff, patterns, negs, cocky and funny etc. etc. I
want to find out what works for me personally. I don't care who calls
himself "the #1 ranking master". I just buy some stuff and try some
stuff out. If it works -great. If it doesn't, it's not the end of
the world.

One thing I do know. This whole thing, Ross, ASF, Mystery,
pickupguide, fastseduction and my site alpha, are all giving us
something we can not get anywhere else. Mystery has something to
learn from Ross and Ross has something to learn from Mystery. People
insulting each other makes ASF very boring. If Ross and his friends
came to the whole thing with an open, inquisitive mind like Mystery
does, everyone would be enriched and we would move the whole seduction
thing even further.

People who close their minds to learning and improving will be left
behind - even when they give themselves titles like "the #1 ranking
master" or "Seduction Master of the Universe", isn't that right Ray?


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