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EASY state explained.

mASF post by ZenDragon

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EASY state explained.
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mASF post by "ZenDragon"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2002

>willnot get you laid, you might think it
>has but it wasnt neeeded as she was
>already attracted.

Humor by itself will not get your laid, but it's an important piece of
seduction because it RELAXES the HB, and lowers the bitchshield. I don't think
seduction is that you do ONE thing and everything would just fall into place.
Seduction if a puzzle with various important pieces put together in the right
way. Yes getting into a sexual state IS important in certain contexts...but as
far as I've seen, you're suggesting that's the ONLY state we should be going to
at all times. I bet you sarge drunk HBs at places like bars and clubs and you
are probably a decent looking guy right? so such approach might work for YOU.
Imagine an average looking or ugly dude walking into a coffee shop or bookstore
or college campus, approaching an HB with images of "aggressively licking her
pussy" in his mind, how do you think those images would translate into his
facial expression, his body do you think the HB would react to
it? running away from him maybe?

>Go be just those, see how far you get.

I NEVER said just be those, I said those are goods states to get into when you
APPROACH an HB. I guess my point here is....FLEXIBILITY!!! I was getting the
impression that you think as long as you get into a AGRESSIVELY SEXUAL state,
everything else would just take care of themselves. Sounds like a quick fix to
me...and if you're really that experienced in'd probably know
there are no quick fixes.

>Brothers? Did you stay up past your
>bedtime listening to RJ on MP3?

dude...why is that when someone here uses an "SS" term you think he's a Ross
fan. Where do you think terms like HB & AFC came from? Are you not using
those terms?

>Yeah ok, pretty lame dude, im not sure
>but i think you are a newbie (il check
>your post history to confirm)

you won't find anything checking my post history, because I have not posted
anything in ASF for 7-8 months and I'm posting under a different user name now.
Besides, just because you post a lot and have been posting for a long time
doesn't mean you're a seduction master. There are some REAL masters out there
who don't even know what ASF is. I realized a long time ago that you can learn
from reading and posting on these forums, but until you go out and try these
things yourself and notice what work for YOU, you will never get anywhere with
this. Plus, there were just too much bullshit on ASF a while ago, and the real
problem with taking other people's advice works for THEM, but it
might not work for YOU...because you look different, live in a different place,
sarge at different places, have a different personality to start with, approach
different type of HBs, have different seduction goals. So whenever someone
promises a ONE FITS ALL system, my "bullshit alarm" usually goes off.

>studied NLP for several years and am
>somewhat of a master (i can also do card
>tricks, but that doesnt mean i have
>magic powers at least card tricksrealy
>work though).

that's good, then you should know the importance of state control then. I
apologize if I came across as rude with my response to your post, i have seen
too many guys wasting a lot of their valuable time going no where with this
stuff simply because they're stuck with those "quick fixes" that some
individuals are promoting in these forums, instead of going out there, being
flexible, and trying different things to see what works for THEM. Hey this
might sound crazy to you, but some of those approaches you call "AFC", actually
work for certain people because it fits their contexts.


"The definition of insanity is doing the same shit over and over and expecting
a different result" - Albert Einstein

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