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Re: You know RAY, someone COULD kill you

mASF post by James King

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Re: You know RAY, someone COULD kill you
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mASF post by "James King"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, July 7, 2002

This was totally uncalled for.

For goodness sake, the man has been daring people to kill him for some
time now.

A post like this could generate hope (either from Gordon, or from any
of the people in this newsgroup that sadly, appear to want to see him
dead) that someone might follow through on the dare.

I don't want to see Gordon die. And I doubt your posts are helping him
seek the treatment he needs to seek, although if it does then you've
succeeded where I've failed, although I still believe your comments
were inappropriate.

I mean, the man has posted that he has contemplated suicide many times.
Why would you encourage those thoughts by telling him that someone
could follow through on his dare? That's the last thing I want to see

James King

In article <9Ym_8.588703$352.121647@sccrnsc02>, The Seduction Master of
the all the Universe
<The***s@ev***.com[ ? ]> wrote:

> This isn't a threat, I'm just letting you know, that threatening to sue
> people is pretty stupid. You really don't know who you're messing with, and
> someone could just get pissed and blow your brains out.
> It could happen just like "that."
> If you value your life, it's stupid to have enemies.

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