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Flame War Began How?

mASF post by Jerry Anderson

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Flame War Began How?
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mASF post by "Jerry Anderson"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 1997

How did this flame war with these two (heh, heh) "seduction masters"
start anyway?

Who fired the first shot?

You guys could make a helluva lot more money complimenting each other
rather than trying to scratch each other's eyes out.

Don, you're entitled to your opinion of NLP and SS, as anybody else
is. But why waste your precious time slamming it over and over again?
Is this your life? Are you obsessed that Ross marketed himself better
than you? I'm no fan of Ross, but your constant attacks are pathetic.

And get rid of that hideous picture at your web site of you and

Ross, why bring yourself to Don's level? Can't you control your state
better than that? I think you need to read a few books by Steve and
Connie. :D

One thing about Ross. At least he acknowledges Don has SOME useful
things to say. However, Steele comes across so embittered he would
never acknowledge anything beneficial about NLP, even if he suspected
it was true. These guys could make a large chunk of coin if they
worked together rather than trying to rip each other apart.


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