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Re: How to be a SS guru (like Albert)

mASF post by Brian R. Wilcox

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Re: How to be a SS guru (like Albert)
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mASF post by "Brian R. Wilcox"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 1996

I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy of being in your presence O great Guru,

Recently, I’ve been listening to Rosses’ Advanced Masters Seduction
weekend. This is a shocker for people who know me. I have been a
student of
DHE, NLP and hypnosis for over 10 years. I’ve done practitioners,
master practitioners and advanced trainings with Bandler, Grinder,
Dilts, Dave Dobson, Rex Sikes, Carmine Baffa, John Lavalle and many
others. Recently,
Tony Scannella (an NLP trainer who has cotrained with Robert Dilts &
Jeffrey Zeig) asked me to cotrain his Ericksonian
hypnosis classes. Thus, I thought what is Ross gonna teach me about
NLP and hypnosis.

When it comes to picking up girls I was as cocky as you can get. My
recent history includes dating 3 strippers. My last two long-term
girlfriends (dated simultaneously) were an exotic dancer at
Stringfellows/Tens cabare
t (NY City’s most exclusive club) and a gal who many people have told
me is the most beautiful women they’ve ever seen. I thought I knew
every trick in the book and then some. Before listening to these tapes
I already h
ad an attitude that I could get lucky with t any gal. I even told Rex
Sikes that the real challenge for me is not SS’ing all the time.

My first exposure to Ross came several years ago when I saw his book. I
thought it was a piece of shit. Then I saw his video with the
strippers and thought I know practitioners with more skill than that.

Despite the fact that I thought these products were shit, I respected
certain qualities that Ross showed and I think other people, especially
NLP’ers could learn much from Ross. Ross uses NLP to make money, Ross
is great
at marketing, Ross applies everything he learns, Ross has mastered the
attitude part of NLP, he takes action, he is flexible, he has brass
balls. A little over a year ago, Ross took a DHE training with a
friend of mine.
I asked my friend about Ross. I was mainly wondering how trustworthy
he is. My friend told me that Ross is sincerely interested in
mastering these skills and he does master them. Ross is passionate
about what he does
and he is always searching for ways to push the envelope and improve
upon what he already does well. Ross cares about people.

Fortunately, I decided to open my mind and give Ross another chance.
When someone gave me the Advance Seduction Masters weekend tapes I
decided to listen to them just for entertainment. These tapes are
entertaining, fun
ny, and most of all these tapes give you what you need to get the
results you want. Very quickly, Ross takes the art of seduction to new
levels. He is a true master, a seduction genius. Rosses’ students,
especially Gl
enn and Mark are amazing. I suddenly became aware of many of
the things I do that enable me to seduce women. More importantly, I
quickly found myself learning entirely new ways of picking up women.
Rosses’ language patterns for women are brilliant and they work. He
has answers
for every situation.

For example, Ross teaches a “card trick” that you can use so that
people will call you again. This involves telling a women that at
sometime during the next week you’ll find yourself thinking about
something (<=intention
ally vague) because of the conversation we are having, and you’ll think
to yourself, I want to talk to this guy (gesture to yourself) and
you’ll want to call me and when you do (take out your card and place it
about 12 in
ches in front of her eyes and point to your name) and here is where you
will remember my number.

"By the way, in addition to being an incredibly workable, intelligent
application of hypnosis and persuasive language, Ross and his
co-teachers are HILARIOUSLY funny and very entertaining. That's not
required but it sure
helps when you are learning new material! Listening to the teaching
tales on these tapes makes me feel like I’m hanging out having an
outrageously good time with my best friends. As a matter of fact, a
friend told me th
at it is like Ross is that wise older brother, or best friend that you
always wished for that person who is giving you the secrets to life,
and the answers to life’s greatest mysteries.

I am recommending these tapes not only to my friends who are interested
in scoring babes, but also to people who couldn’t give a rat’s ass
about picking up chicks because what Ross is really teaching is the
power of capturing and leading people's imagination, a skill that can
bring benefits i
n every area of life. For example, as an Ironman triathlete, I use
these techniques on myself to put my self in state while I am
competing. I am telling all my friends that the best thing that you
can do for yourself is
convince yourself to get these tapes now because these tapes will
benefit every area of your life.

Tony Robbins used to use a firewalk as a metaphor for turning fear into
power and a belief that you can do anything. I think these SS tapes
can do the same thing. Even if you choose not to SS women, just
imagine the per
sonal power you’ll possess when you have the skills to capture peoples
imagination and lead them into the most exquisite states of excellence.
I use SS to make my sick grandmother feel better. As an attorney, I
use thes
e states to relax witnesses, help juries empathize with my clients and
more, I use these skills all the time in my personal life. My mother,
a teacher uses these states to install motivation in her students. If
you’re a
salesperson just imagine what these states can do for your income.

If you are a serious student of NLP or hypnosis, I would get these
tapes. If you present in front of groups, you can learn training
skills from Ross. These tapes are excellent for polishing skills!.
Ross cuts out the
B.S. and clearly, easily simplifies the processes as he teaches you
what gets results in a way that empowers you to go out and use the
skills. Ross fires you up in a way that makes it fun to apply these
skills that you l
earn. Ross even uses elements of DHE and other leading edge NLP
applications. The
skills and attitude that Ross teaches is useful in every area of life.

These tapes are especially useful for persuasion and sales. The
attitude of installing exquisite states in other people is a great way
to think whether you’re talking to a gal, or a guy. I think it is
especially useful
for couples and long-term relationships. Ross teaches you how to
create states that are useful and manage these states to get what you
want in life.

An example of one of the many ways that Ross does this is by creating
an internal control system (kind of like a stereo equalizer). He has
people pick several states ie party, clarity, thouroughness,
ferociousness. Then
he has people use enter each state ie first enter party, anchor it
(sliding anchor), then clarity, etc. Then he has people experiment
with layering the states ie clarity and party. Then he teaches people
to control the
intensity of each state and discover your personal optimum combination
for achieving your goal.

The best holiday gift you can give to yourself are these tapes. Just
imagine what you can do when you have the skills to do what you’ve
always wanted. And Ross, thank you for the wonderful gift of these

In <32c***8@ne***.com[ ? ]> edw***e@pr***.com[ ? ] (Edward
Lee) writes:
>Like the book writes, I don't make women my only priority in life. I
>am in a very respected university and have plans for a Master's
>degree, but away from me.
>One area in life that I have been extremely unsuccessful of is with
>women. I read some of the posts by Albert and Stygian God, and Don
>Cameron and I see people who have knowledge I would like to have for
>myself. My question is for any of you who feel competent as a SS
>guru: Which of the numerous courses Ross did you take to feel
>confident enough to seduce practically every women?
>Any response would be greatly appreciated.
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