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Being yourself

mASF post by fabio

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Being yourself
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mASF post by "fabio"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004


I have read a lot of articles in all seduction newsgroups. I have read
some books about seduction. David D'Angelo, Ross Jeffries books and some
others. I've tried to use all the advices from those sources, all the
tips and behavior patterns. But it just didn't work. I felt that I
wasn't being myself. I felt like I was acting. And I was a poor actor.
Maybe I wasn't a good student of seduction. Maybe I should start from
the beginning to understand it all?

What should I do now? How to behave? What kind of man to be? To be
attractive for women? To be interesting?

I decided to fuck it all. I decided just to be myself. To stop acting
like a jerk because I'm not a jerk. To stop acting like a man who fucks
all the most beautiful women in the city because I'm not that kind of
man. Maybe some of the behaviors described below are also described in
those seduction books. But the best thing is that they are not faked.
They are a part of being myself. Of course, it's hard to be myself in
every situation in my life. It's hard to be myself when I have to
influence somebody, persuade somebody to do something that will be a
good thing for both. But I decided not to try to force any bahaviors
when I don't feel that they are a part of being myself.

What kind of man would I like to be? Just to be myself. A kind of man
that has his own dreams. A man that plans his future. A man that knows
what he wants do to in his life. A man that sets some goals in his life
and goes for them. No matter what. No matter what the other people say
about it. Especially when they are just the jealous people that don't
achieve any goals in their own lifes. A man that is persistent in going
for things he has planned. What if a woman tells that this is just being
over-ambitious? Then I should NOT MEET HER AGAIN or tease her about it.

I want to be a man that has the power. The power to influence the other
people in his reality. What if a woman tells me what should I do? What
if she tells me how should I behave? How should I talk? What should I
wear? What should I think about her? Then I should NOT MEET HER AGAIN or
tease her about it.

I want to be a man thas has his own confidence. That has not to act like
someone. A man that walks with his head up and shoulders back. A man
that walks slowly because he knows that there's no need to be hurried.

I want to be a man that believes that the woman is attracted by him. A
man that believes that he has not to use any tips and patterns to
attract someone. A man that has not to tell all his success stories. A
man that wants to hear something interesting about the woman he meets.
What if she doesn't tell anything interesting about herself? Or is too
angry because of something I have told her? Then I should NOT MEET HER
AGAIN ot tease her about it.

I want to be a man that knows all the good manners. That opens the door
for her. That helps her with her coat. And knows that he can compliment
her if she does something really good. Something amazing. Something
admirable. A man that does not feel AFC when he talks something nice.
Because he does not tell all those things to kiss up her ass. He just
tells it because he appreciates something she has done. What if she
doesn't respect that? Then I should NOT MEET HER AGAIN or to tease her
about it.

I want to be a man that has not to wear all those strange pants, shoes
and shirts to be noticed. I like to wear good suits, good shoes, elegant
and comfortable shirts and good ties. And I don't want to change my
style. What if she thinks it's very sitffy? Then I should NOT MEET HER
AGAIN ot tease her about it.

And what if I fail doing all those things? What if I fail when I will be
myself? Then... it will be another experience in my life. Another step
in being a more successful man. And I will respect that experience. But
I will also respect myself. That I din't try to be someone I am not just
to fuck more women in the city.

..:: fabio

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