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Re: Whats your handle mean?

mASF post by Tunnces

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Re: Whats your handle mean?
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mASF post by "Tunnces"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2002

>>I'm willing to bet that Tunnces is named
>>for "Tunnces the Driving Cat" on
>>Saturday Night Live.
> Thats what i read into it as well, but still aint sure.

Toonces, the cat from SNL, NOT ME.

Tunnces, the guy who posted/posts to ASF/mASF, ME. :)

What did does the handle Tunnces mean? I don't know, nothing, if I had
known I was going to keep posting to seduction newsgroups for over a
year and a half, I would have picked a better handle!

It's not that bad, the cat from SNL brings to mind images of crashing and
burning, ridiculous situations, pussy, someone that is doing things he
shouldn't even be able to get away with, then through his own nature
wrecks and destroys things, then is always back for another episode
doing it all over again.

I think most people see Tunnces as being Toonces, so from now on my new
handle is: Tunnces Mach. The "Mach" stands for Machiavelli because when
it comes to relationships with multiple women, Machiavelli's political
philosophies, for me, they are appropriate.

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