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Re: Off Topic: two people falling in love

mASF post by gunwitch

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Re: Off Topic: two people falling in love
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mASF post by "gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2002

On 6/28/02 8:27:30 PM, Tunnces wrote:
>gunwitch wrote:
>> On 6/28/02 7:05:33 PM, Tunnces
>Gunwitch, you never cease to amaze. One
>moment your discussing isolating
>and fucking, and the next it's exploring
>the essence of love. :)

I am pretty bull headed about my seduction methods, because i know they are
powerfull, same with my fighting methods. When it comes to love and fullfiling
LTR I cant even begin to understand it. So im curious as to new opinions. So
far all ive seen or experienced is victimizer/victim roles in relationships
that end quickly. I seen the older generation work it out but they had a kinder
view of monogamy and alot less sex partners on average. Women were also
co-dependent on the men for money then, so maybe the reason it lasted wasnt
happiness but need.

>things first, you aren't going to get
>any valuable insight into love at
>fast seduction newsgroups. 90% of the
>people reading this can't even
>get laid regularly, much less understand
>romantic love.

Probably true,there are some advanced types here though figured id ask away.

>In your case, you're talking about not
>only romantic love, you are also
>inquiring about ALL love, that is, love
>between any man and any woman,
>love of parents to their children and
>familial love, love of ideas, love
>of life in general, etc. Gunwitch, you
>claim to have a high IQ, if you
>do then READ about philosophy of love.
>Plato was pondering the very
>same question 2400 years ago.

Freud, jung, almost all psychologist/philosophers said it was biological lies
to oneself. Most ancient philosophers went ino a spiritual "not for us to
understand" thing eventually as well. Freuds ONE thing he said he never
understood was what women want. Hes not all that smart in that case, to smart
for his own good.

>You already have a lifetime of
>experience, but you need to look
>in the mirror and re-evalate why you do
>what you do. Don't look for
>answers here, because you already have
>everything you need to understand
>the answers. You will find those
>answers soon, if you contemplate
>yourself as man, and your questions will

Ive been contemplating myself as a man since i was 18 thats 10 years of
contemplating. Im just interesteds in anyones ethos that might be making them
happy. Til then i gotta go with nietzsche, that most of our lifes are mostly
meaningless striving to survive and prevent suffering, so we may a well embrace
it and get everything we can from it. I have to think love fits in somewhere
there as well.

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