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Re: Off Topic: two people falling in love

mASF post by Tunnces

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Re: Off Topic: two people falling in love
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mASF post by "Tunnces"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2002

gunwitch wrote:
> On 6/28/02 7:05:33 PM, Tunnces wrote:
>>gunwitch wrote:
>>> The closest thing to
>>love is the abuse of someone
>>until they are made into a
>>>co-dependant. The
>>stronger that abuse the more
>>powerfull the "love".
>>Nope. You describe
>>co-dependency. That is not
>>love. You are
>>co-dependent on anyone when
>>both of your weaknesses
>>compliment each
>>other and both of you feel
>>good about it.
>>Love is something else, all
>>words to describe it fail. As
>>far as love's
>>role in fast seduction goes,
>>that is something that anyone
>>have to
>>decide for oneself, in the
>>meantime, keep fucking.
> Please try to describe it, anyone who can. I am not sure i know what it is.
> ANY woman ive ever had deep feelings for i have been able to say to myself:
> i had to choose her life or my long time friends and familly ending, i would
> choose hers.
> Hypothetical i know, yet its always put in perspective for me when i think
> THIS: Though i think about her more, and have more passion for her, my
> and familly are more important than her. I am SURE i love them and car about
> them, MAYBE i DONT love or care about her, but somehow feel i need her?
> I have thought i was in love a few times, but after the fact and even during
> feel a sense of LSE type "need" for something she does for me or make me
> Sometimes a sense of her needing me, as if shes weak or cannot do without me.
> Obviously she was fine without me BEFORE she met me and is maybe ok now
> me, likewise i am fine without them now and was also fine before them. A
> times i was acctually BETTER without them. I have heard that "love is when 2
> people make each others lives better than they were apart" Isnt THAT also
> co-dependence?
> Does love even exist, if something is that hard to explain does it make it
> magical OR some pretentious word for another state altogether, when someone
> cannot admit their co-dependence or obsession? If what your dad feels for
> mom is the exact same thing stalker john feels for britney spears is it love?
> Comments anyone please?

Gunwitch, you never cease to amaze. One moment your discussing isolating
and fucking, and the next it's exploring the essence of love. :) First
things first, you aren't going to get any valuable insight into love at
fast seduction newsgroups. 90% of the people reading this can't even
get laid regularly, much less understand romantic love.

In your case, you're talking about not only romantic love, you are also
inquiring about ALL love, that is, love between any man and any woman,
love of parents to their children and familial love, love of ideas, love
of life in general, etc. Gunwitch, you claim to have a high IQ, if you
do then READ about philosophy of love. Plato was pondering the very
same question 2400 years ago.

You already have a lifetime of experience, but you need to look yourself
in the mirror and re-evalate why you do what you do. Don't look for
answers here, because you already have everything you need to understand
the answers. You will find those answers soon, if you contemplate
yourself as man, and your questions will disappear.

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