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Re: Gunwitch patterned SELF!

mASF post by LeftCoast

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Re: Gunwitch patterned SELF!
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mASF post by "LeftCoast"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 2001


You aren't too bright huh? Part of what makes a forum great is the new
blood that comes in to interject new ideas and theories.

All us old guys can and DO filter anything Ray Related, but the new guy
who comes in only sees a group filled with some blathering idiot talking
about lawsuits that NEVER have won him anything. They see this supposed
seductionist spending 20 hours a day posting to Seduction Newsgroups and
displaying behavior that can be clearly seen as abnormal. Do you think
they would stay?

Ray responds to everyone's posts with NON-coherent responses. His
arguments don't follow logically. Sometimes I think he's a fictional
character created by RJ for publicity purposes (hey, bad publicity is
still publicity). But there are obviously people who have dealt with
this creature and attest that someone of his mental deficiency truly does

If you wanna have a logical discussion, come to the moderated forums.
This post will likely create a non-logical comment from Ray, something I
don't have to deal with on the moderated forums.

Without new blood, this group dies. Jay, if I'm ever in Boston, I owe
you a drink.

In article <lIDT7.23266$V34***2@ne***.com[ ? ]>, flu***a@te***[ ? ]
> > After all, for all the
> > whiners and complainers about Ray here, what could be easier than simply
> ignoring his posts?
> My point exactly.

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