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Re: How can this stuff work

mASF post by Ezra

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Re: How can this stuff work
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mASF post by "Ezra"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, May 5, 2001


Am I the only one who finds it utterly egotistical that you, who do not know
SS, believe that your arguments should hold weight against those who do?

But I'll tell you exavtly how it works. SS, if you break it down, is not a
seduction technique. It works off of an old and proven sales/hypntoism
technique called neuro-linguistic programming. Remember that debate about
whether or not movie theaters can flash food images at you? Want to know why
its a debate? Because it makes people hungry. Take a look at a
cigarette ad sometime...look at what bolded, whats in large type, and whats
not...its fairly shocking to see that even in their 'public service'
advertisements, they try and induce an urge to smoke. This is
ADVERTISING...SALES. Ross Jeffry didn't invent it, he adapted it.

I don't use SS...never have...I don't have them oney to buy a course so I can
understand it...but the rudimentary parts are there. And they are easily
understandable. If you still won't or can't follow go pick up a basic
psychology book...look at the similarities with SS and Free Association...with
SS and Cognitive Psychology...its fairly astounding. Take a look ...Thats NLP...Thats how it works.

I can tell you aother thing, this group is not simply SS...its a collection of
a lot of common, and incredibly useful knowledge, which is not so common, and
all the more useful because of it. The reason people stay at this group is
because THEY ARE GETTING LAID. This group and much of what I've learned from
it, plus the added self confidence that I have gained from being successful
with women, has changed who I am, socially, I'm far better then I ever have
been before. As for us all being ugly...Put up your pic at amihotornot...I'll
put up mine, or someone else will, it doesn't matter. To try and play the
"you're all computer geeks with no life" card is simply moronic...We're people
learning skills...the same could be wondered of such an attractive women
browsing male seduction newsgroups.

I am sorry that you feel so much anger...that you've been hurt or scorned so
badly, that you feel the need to come and attack others...I hope you are able
to lock it all in a box, and move on with your life.

And one last thing. I have never tried anything on a drunken girl. Never.
I'm 17, I can't even get into a fucking bar. Not that I don't have
opportun9ities to seduce drunk girls, parties and the like...but to do that is
an insult to me. Its a waste. It takes no skill...Its a waste of my time.

Tell me sopmething, Jet...have you ever been successfully Picked Up? What'd he
do...what'd he say?

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