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umm well

mASF post by Nitehawk

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umm well
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mASF post by "Nitehawk"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 1998

Sorry once again i am amused and absolutely amazed at what i find in any
of the "seduction" newsgroups... sorry i have not laughed this hard in a
very long time... And one piece of advice if you want a beautiful woman
for the fact that she is beautiful then you had better be wealthy or
really good looking, remember like comes from like. hope you understand
what i mean by that, if you don't email me i will explain. If you want
someone who cares about you for who you well then you might want to try
ummm a completely new concept its call Be Yourself (gee imagine that)
Also a good bit of old fashioned chivalry never hurt anyone and who
knows if you really want to do stuff for her she might just amaze you by
doing more than you ever expected for you. (sorry still snickering
about earlier posts) Oh and guys if you do get her in bed don't look at
it as the act of fucking, sometimes the point of it is not orgasm but
just pleasure.
Oh and by the way be intelligent, there is nothing worse than
sitting across from a really boring man and putting up with the useless
seduction drivel, there is not a line out there that does not sound

ok ok it was a few pieces of advice it seems like you guys could really
use the help.

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