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Re: Ross Jefferies Slow, mega slow seduction

mASF post by Ross Jeffries

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Re: Ross Jefferies Slow, mega slow seduction
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mASF post by "Ross Jeffries"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, June 6, 1997

Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 14:34:26 -0600
From: don***l@gt***.net[ ? ]
Subject: Ross Jefferies Slow, mega slow seduction
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R. Don Steele(aka John White) opened up his gullet and spewed forth the

<"Paul, babe, (Paul Ross, Ross Jefferies to his Moonies), after my fans
<alerted me that you have been stealing from my books and passing it off as
<your “breakthrough” material, I thought I’d better look into your stuff.

<Here’s what one said and posted:

<I own and have read both books by Jeffries and Steele, and although I
<respect Jeffries, I must say that HE HAS COPIED Steele's WORDING ALMOST
<VERBATIM (from Steele's book "How to Date Young Women...") in his News-
<letters (such as the April/May 1994--I have received several). Honestly,
<ELSE’S. He's EXTREMELY SKILLFUL at "paraphrasing" Steele’s ideas, and then
<marketing them as his own. If the reader doubts this claim, just read the
<above-mentioned Jeffries Newsletter and Steele's book, taking careful note
<of the DATES that these works were released. It's CLEAR: Ross
<COPIED!!!!!!!! Come on, Ross! You can do better than that!!!

<Bryant C Charleston e-mail address is "bch***1@ix***.com[ ? ]"
<aka the "Sphinx" Los Angeles, CA June 1997"

Yup. Let's check out what I found after doing a Deja News Search on
your buddy!

Article 19 of 110

Subject: 213/310 seek'g big cocks!
From: Sphinx <bch***1@ix***.com[ ? ]>
Date: 1997/04/27
Message-Id: <336***D@ix***.com[ ? ]>
[More Headers]

Tall, bi-curious, VERY ORAL blk male seeks disease-free large cock
(9+" and thick) for discreet oral fun. Age/race open. L.A. area.

Gee, Don. Nice to see what kind of folks you appeal to! Maybe the
two of you can look each other up some time!

Get Laid NOW!
Ask me how!
"He's Sargy...Sargy J. CAT!"

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