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Value vs. Attraction

mASF post by IN10SE

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Value vs. Attraction
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mASF post by "IN10SE"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2004

Listen up guys - this is a post that will get you laid because I'm going to
share some of my END GAME strategies and thought processes.

So in reference to the above post: YES -One thing does get you the girl - The
way she FEELS.

There are many ways to get to this - from demonstrating higher value,
challenging her, fulfilling her needs, cocky and funny, social proof, eliciting
states (my personal favorite) - yet ALL of these lead to just one thing...

The way she FEELS.

A woman doesn't fall in love with you, neither does she decide consciously to
need you, and its not too often that a woman will just "decide" on an
intellectual level to have sex with you...

She falls in love with the way you make her FEEL. She has SEX with a man based
on the way he makes her feel and what she GETS from the interaction - and even
if she SAYS she'd rather give than receive pleasure, most of the time that's
just something that sounds nice because even if it were true, she's usually
getting something (like emotional pleasure) out of giving physical pleasure as

So you have to keep doing the things that amplify her FEELING.

So what are these things that amplify feeling and how do you do them?

- Here are some of my favorite ways to amplify a feeling in the END GAME. (By
the way, as far as END GAME goes, I have probably the tightest end game of
ANYONE that I know of - even to the point that once I've isolated a woman after
the comfort building stage, I can full close virtually 9 out of 10 times. I've
personally shared some of my strategies with guys like Style, RJ, Swinggcat

I will do many things at times, like:


This is where you get them REALLY deep into a state, like a SEXUAL state and at
just the moment where the TENSION builds, you suddenly change the topic and
talk about "The weather" or some other superficial topic. After awhile, you
bring up the sexual topic again and start to build the state and elicit it
within them even DEEPER this time - and at just the moment where the sexual
tension feels SO HOT, you break the state and talk about something superficial
like what you did that day, etc.

You can also PHYSICALLY fractionate the seduction. This is where you may touch
her leg briefly or sit close to her or touch her in some way - then you just
suddenly STOP... and after awhile you touch her again, this time on areas that
are more sensitive like her neck/face/inner thigh/inner arm - then you just
STOP... and on and on.

The idea of FRACTIONATION is that it creates a VACUUM for a woman to get sucked
into. As the fractionation goes on it gets more and more intimate until SHE is
the one that is initiating the SEDUCTION and it is less about you seducing her
and more about HER seducing you. Imagine that with a powerful FRACTIONATION
technique, you've sucked her into a vacuum and the momentum of that "PULL"
makes HER take action.


There's alot to say about OPEN LOOPS. Part of this has to do with creating
interest in what you're saying because she feels like she is always "Hanging"
when you do things like tell her a story without telling the endings, or when
you have multiple OPEN LOOPS (threads) going at the same time, and have several
unfinished stories it tends to have a hypnotic effect. But be careful not to
over do it. You may come off as having a slight case of Attention Deficit
Disorder like a few well known PUA's and Seduction teachers that I know. - Hey,
at times I may be guilty of this as well!


The book to read for this is "The Sexual Key". I'm not talking about the
phonetic ambiguities like the corny "New Directions" (NUDE ERECTIONS) and that
stuff - I'm talking about talking in a way that lets their imagination FILL IN

For example, since women are always trying to INTERPRET things rather than just
taking them at face value, why not use that to your advantage.

For example when coming back from dinner on a first meeting with a woman, I may
say something like, "You know, I LOVE talking with you - I can't stay up late,
but lets take this UPSTAIRS for a little while and see what happens, of course
we would JUST be talking! - (said with a mischevious grin) -Notice that I also
put in a false time constraint to build her comfort level.

In general the approach that I use for ambiguity is that I will say things that
on the surface SEEM innocent (and if called on, that's OF COURSE the way that I
MEANT them! ;) but that can be suggestive as well if seen from a sexual

4) Eliciting SEXUAL states and Building SEXUAL RAPPORT

This is one of my trademarks. I have a whole system for eliciting SEXUAL STATES
and have developed a new system for building SEXUAL RAPPORT. -It's amazing
stuff, and some of it I didn't even REALIZE that I did until a few women
pointed out these things to me.

I wont go into the details of this here because I could write a whole BOOK on
it (And I just MAY!) but let me just say that Eliciting Sexual States is
something that WILL get you laid. I've made women feel ready to have sex in
less than 20 minutes time from meeting them and have had several ENCOUNTERS of
the "full on SEX kind" in the CARS of women who couldn't hold back on the FIRST
NIGHT that I had met them!

And SEXUAL RAPPORT BUILDING is an entirely new concept and set of strategies
that I've put together based on what WOMEN I've slept with have pointed out to
me that *I* do. Some of this stuff I didn't even realize that I was doing!

This goes beyond JUST rapport building and building comfort. Sexual Rapport
Building starts from the moment that a woman meets you. -Starting within the
first 10-30 seconds in fact! You're either building negative sexual rapport or
positive sexual rapport. And then there's the "Pendulum affect" as well which I
may discuss in more detail at some time in the future.

Imagine that a woman is thinking, "I could have sex with him" and then better
yet ASSUME that you're ALREADY sleeping together. Imagine some of the things
that you do and you may have an idea on what some of my strategies are based.

Imagine the whole interaction from beginning to middle to end as SEXUALIZED.
Imagine that SEX is the underlying presupposition and PURPOSE of the ENTIRE
interaction from Attract to Comfort Building to End Game. Again, I could go on
and on about this, but this deserves an entire BOOK!


This consists of Physically "moving TOWARD" while verbally "moving AWAY from"
and switching back and forth between that and verbal "moving TOWARD" with
physical "moving AWAY from" -

For example I may SAY, "You know, I don't know if it would ever work out
between us... we're too different" while at the same time touching her or
physically seducing her as if we WERE already sleeping together. And continue
doing the same thing for awhile.

Then I would withdraw physically/STOP touching her but say, "I LOVE talking to
you - you're not like any other woman that I've talked to." And continue doing
the same thing for awhile.

This is MORE than just HOT/COLD and MORE than just PUSH/PULL. It is BOTH all at
the same time.

In other words I am purposefully INCONGRUENT with my WORDS and my ACTIONS
toward her. This not only throws them for a loop, but offers a challenge and
they not only find this interesting, but also builds the attraction and SEXUAL

Lots I could say about this as well. I got this idea from talking with Badboy
and Shark.

6) PHYSICAL seduction: (Fractionation Massage, Using body language, gestures,
and actions that ASSUME that we are ALREADY sleeping together

- This includes the way I look at them and eye contact, the way I touch them,
and even doing little things that ASSUME SEXUAL RAPPORT as I mentioned before:
like "Feeding them", sharing their drink glass at dinner, sharing dessert,
touching their face/neck/lips -if even to "brush off some lint", there are TONS
more stuff that I do on this level.

Now do I do "Symbol Fractionation"? Well, yes sometimes... and I do many of my
own variations of it, from using SYMBOLS to using FILTERS, but most of the time
it's really not necessary and I only do it if the woman is highly visual or is
already into Hypnosis or Visualization. -Otherwise it can come off as creepy.

7) Challenge their SELF-IMAGE into a new SELF-IMAGE that I've created for them.
(Often I do this through "Cold reading them - and build up a self image for
them as a "Physical Type" of woman who is very much at home in her own body,
who knows that she is cared for through touch and by expressing it through
physical affection, who is active, spontaneous, and would rather DO IT than
just "think about doing it")

So again, these are just some of my favorite ways to amplify a feeling in the
END GAME. And like Mystery and I have talked about, it's important to have
"SOLID GAME", where you've built the attraction, you've build the comfort
level, to the degree to which a woman will SEDUCE you as well in the end and be
happy about it afterward.

The END GAME is BUILT on and gains it's momentum from everything that comes
before it:

From: Building attraction/sexual tension => building comfort/sexual rapport =>
END GAME/Amplifying Sexual FEELINGS.

Comments, Questions?


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