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Re: The Reason Why Seduction Sucks

mASF post by Nobby Pyles

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Re: The Reason Why Seduction Sucks
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mASF post by "Nobby Pyles"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, September 9, 2002

valued customer <sco***m@ho***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message
news:1b3***c@po***.com[ ? ]...
> Consider this.
> I was at the bookstore today, reading some magazines, and I noticed a
> lovely young woman out of the corner of my eye. Casual observation of
> her movement and actions seemed to indicate she was there alone, and
> not particularly focused on book shopping. No big deal, some people
> just like to glance and people-watch, so I go back to reading the
> magazine.
> To my surprise, the woman then approaches me, excusing herself for the
> interruption (which I didn't mind at all) and she gave me a very
> engaging compliment on my looks. It has been a while since a random
> stranger walked up to me just to say such a thing, so I was flattered.
> Ironically, I was also surprised to identify some of the 'tactics of
> her approach' that I had come across in places like this newsgroup.
> Which brings me to my point.
> Personally, I am not a big fan of "seduction" type thinking. I know
> these seduction tips are meaningful to some folks, so I mean no
> disrespect, but because of my focusing on the various subelements of
> the episode, I found myself *over-analyzing* the situation ... to my
> detriment. All because I had forgotten what I began with ... before I
> even knew about the stuff that is in these newsgroups:
> Life is what it is, don't take yourself so seriously, there's more to
> it than just seducing and being seduced. Stand firm on the foundation
> of what makes life meaningful and worthwhile for you, and build from
> there.
> So anyway here I am, remembering how much fun it is simply to talk to
> someone because you enjoy life, and the people you share it with while
> it lasts.

So, did you close then :)

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