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Re: Anti-Player Strikes AGAIN!

mASF post by Bryen193

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Re: Anti-Player Strikes AGAIN!
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mASF post by "Bryen193"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2002

amo***[email protected]***.com[ ? ]:

>>You do see the phenomenon of super hot chicks with men who appear to be
>>their league,
>Aren't ALL men beneath her?


>>because she bored me half to death.
>So is she high-quality or not?

Only in terms of looks. I, admittedly foolishly, extended her a longer
audition because of this. Live and learn.

>When you seduced her, did you speak of anything implying you'd be around a
>longer than that?


>>Sure. Blame me that Sam Vaknin has a passage to describe almost every
>>of yours.
>But he doesn't.

Denying the obvious won't fool anybody.

>You forget that others have internet histories that include some pretty awful
>behavior towards me.

Some people are weak and snap when confronted with your style...

>You also don't seem to
>take kindly to polite warnings

How so?

>so that leaves making a federal case out of it
>as the only means of stopping what I consider to be defamatory.

Disproportionality of response.

>You seem to act like no one out here has ever lied about me, threatened my
>life, or harassed me.

I address only the specific posts you make, your personal life is of no
interest to me.

>Are you truly ignorant of the ENTIRE history or are you just doing that out

Probably ignorant of the entire history, since my posts only address your
specific posts and points.

>>Don't you advise, as part of your online seduction tips, to hang out in
>>chat rooms etc, about benign "women"'s topics, like those stated above?
>I didn't expect ASF to disintegrate into using gimmicks like that.....says a
>lot in a way.

That using your advice to get a woman is rather pathetic?

"All of our music is electronically manipulated, as doing this purveys the
possibility of not having to associate with musicians..." - Tomas, Ordo
Rosarius Equilibrio
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