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Re: Anti-Player Strikes AGAIN!

mASF post by Bryen193

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Re: Anti-Player Strikes AGAIN!
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mASF post by "Bryen193"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2002

amo***[email protected]***.com[ ? ] (A Modern Caveman):

>>A. I'm sure there are thousands of men with superior value to me. I don't
>>claim to be anything exceedingly rare. Just a little better than average.
>So why should a 10 want to fuck you again?

A 10 would want to fuck me if I demonstrated that I recognized and was a good
supply for her PARTICULAR area of desire (as would a 9 an 8 or a 7). Since
she's a 10, the likelihood that she doesn't already have her need supplied by
other men is less. But hey, that's why getting a 10 is much more rare, right?
You do see the phenomenon of super hot chicks with men who appear to be beneath
their league, so it's not out of the question. Of course, a girl being a "10"
is far less important than other factors, such as her being compatible and
amenable to MY desires. The hottest chick I ever closed (solid 9), was nexted
after only a few weeks. Not because I'm a player who loves and leaves, but
because she bored me half to death.

>>B. I'm a little sick of the Vaknin quotes, so I won't cut and paste the one
>>where "healthy narcissism" and "narcissistic personality disorder" are
>I consider those libelous, and do not consider a polite conversation to be an
>excuse for making any such inference.

Sure. Blame me that Sam Vaknin has a passage to describe almost every utterance
of yours. Since he's a acknowledged NPD sufferer himself, I'd guess he would
consider it a source of great "narcissistic supply" for him to review your
internet history and provide an expert opinion as part a "truth" defense. The
man's even written an entire essay on "how to handle the narcissist in court".

>not much for fake enthusiasm, phony confidence, or any of the other
>pussy-whipped crap I see the men here going on about.
>Decor? Please.

Don't you advise, as part of your online seduction tips, to hang out in groups,
chat rooms etc, about benign "women"'s topics, like those stated above?

"All of our music is electronically manipulated, as doing this purveys the
possibility of not having to associate with musicians..." - Tomas, Ordo
Rosarius Equilibrio
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