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Re: Seduction tips for women

mASF post by V

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Re: Seduction tips for women
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mASF post by "V"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2002

<JackieM> wrote ...
> Vilar overstates or misses the boat sometimes. For example, she
> states that women are pleased when a man expresses interest in them,
> any man at all. She says that the guy's looks don't matter. She
> should really be saying that a woman who induces a SOI from a man who
> infrequently does so (or otherwise appears choosy) or is "taken"
> raises her esteem with other women. No esteem from getting hit on by
> the drunk who is hitting on everyone. High esteem from the attractive
> man hitting on her if his attractiveness is indeed reflected in
> appearing choosy.

Hmmm - interesting points. I'll have to read a little more about/from Vilar

> You want to actually pick up guys? Just kino them. Only warpigs need
> advice on picking up guys.

Guess that makes me a warpig, then ;-)

Seriously ... I'm not sure its really accurate to suggest that while there
is purpose in this forum for men to discuss seduction tips, women would have
them intuitively or that it wouldn't matter what they did/said if their
appearance was acceptable. In my experience men are a little more discerning
than that.

While looks may be a larger percentage of the deal when describing female
appeal I hope it is still the case that personality counts. I'm not just
talking about club type scenarios where the guy you're going to pull
probably won't engage in more than five sentences of conversation before you
get him in a clinch - in other social scenarios you can't just meet eye to
eye with a guy on the opposite side of the room, bat your eyelashes, make
for the door and know he'll follow you. I guess its more these kind of
challenging situations I'm focusing on.

Moreover, I'm curious as to the difference that would have to be employed to
'sell' to a guy rather than 'sell' to a girl - curiosity out of
psychological interest as well as any use it may be for PU. While doing a PU
on a female target may involve evoking emotional states that are desirable,
the more 'rational' judgement of a male target may mean that this won't
work, or that it will work but that the PUA would be working to evoke
*different* emotional states. Of course every individual is slightly
different, but I imagine there must be male vs. female trends.

In my case I think a little more practical experimentation is required ;-)


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