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Re: "Double your dating»" binary anyone?

mASF post by Formhandle

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Re: "Double your dating»" binary anyone?
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mASF post by "Formhandle"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 2001

Aetius Bajsius wrote:

> ...I won't ask for a free sample. I'm stopping now. Okay?

You weren't asking for a "free sample". You were blatantly asking
everyone who reads this group to abuse an author's copyright.

> There's a difference between a typo and calling people "scumbag" and
> "asshole." The former is lazy proofreading, the latter is lack of
> eloquence. Nuff said.

So you lacked eloquence - while asking people to blatantly abuse a

> I'm just trying to share my observation that the letters are
> obviously fake, Dave's challenging it (surprise!) or not.

"Obviously fake" - to you. What if I said I think you're "obviously
fake" based on your posts here?

> Are you interested in that or are you interested in defending
> your buddy Dave no matter what?

Of course I'm interested in that - so just take up David's challenge.
Unless of course you're not confident enough in your own statement?

> And what is illogical about wanting to read a book while
> distrusting the book's marketing?

You were blatantly asking everyone who reads this group to abuse an
author's copyright. If you want to read the book, buy it. It comes
with a money back guarantee. Is this how you buy books through Amazon?
Ask them to ship books to you first before you consider buying them?

> Man, there's a lot of emotion and lack of reason on this board

...coming from you.

> -- not
> cool for wannabe students seducers.

You're the wannabe.

> How about we simply share seduction tips?

What a unique concept.

jay <[email protected]>

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