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Re: Candor lay report: pure kino

mASF post by Candor

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Re: Candor lay report: pure kino
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mASF post by "Candor"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, July 7, 2001

Thought I'd give you guys an update on action with HB8Swede since the
first lay, because things have gone EXTREMELY WELL since Friday.
Those of you looking for seduction tips will be disappointed, because
this post is just luck and bragging. But those of you looking for
hope and inspiration, who want to see how well things CAN go when all
the planets line up and there is harmony in the on.

On Saturday, I converted the touchdown for two extra points
(translation, banged HB8Swede twice), and then did her once more on
Sunday. Total time spent in her company since Friday: about 3 hours.
This chick does not waste time. I'm starting to like her.

Then today, nirvana: I invited her over to my place "for half an hour
or so," and as soon as she arrived led her into the shower. We soaped
each other up, had sex, etc., and I end up doing her on the windowsill
(it's a very deep windowsill so she can lie on her back and I can do
her standing up). AND THEN, she says, "talk dirty to me."

I happily oblige, telling her what a dirty little slut she is, how I
like fucking her tight little pussy, etc., and she's getting really
turned on. AND THEN, she starts begging me to COME ON HER FACE. Huh?
Has this chick been watching porn movies? I've never had a chick ask
me to come on her face unsolicited before. I ALWAYS have to seduce
women into taking it on the face or in the mouth. They are ALWAYS
initially resistant to this. And here we have a chick who just asks
for it out of the blue. It's almost as if she started begging me to
let her bake a cake for me. So I told her to get on her knees on the
floor and gave her what she wanted.

So then we washed up in the shower, toweled off, put on our clothes
and went into the bedroom. As a reward for her bathroom behavior, I
pushed her back on the bed and tongued her to orgasm. So then we're
lying on my bed, and I say, "so, you like it when I talk dirty to you,

HB8Swede: "Yeah, it's wonderful."

Candor: "Why didn't you tell me on Friday? I could have talked dirty
to you then."

HB8Swede: "I was just shy. I didn't know how you'd react."

Candor: "Well, I think it's wonderful that you are into that. I LOVE
talking dirty to you. Is there anything else you like that you
haven't told me about?"

HB8Swede: "Well..."

Candor: "Go ahead, tell me."

HB8Swede: "No, I don't want to tell you yet. I'm a little shy."

Candor: "Listen, HB8Swede. By now you've probably figured out that
I'm a fairly experienced guy, right?"

HB8Swede: "Yeah, I get that impression." :)

Candor: "I've been with my share of women, and I've done some pretty
wacked-out shit. So don't worry about freaking me out with your
fantasies. Come on, tell me."

HB8Swede: "Well, I do have a rape fantasy."

(I'm thinking, well, not my idea of a good time, but I can certainly
give that to her in exchange for something else.)

Candor (chuckle): "You think that makes you a freak? Most women have
rape fantasies. I can take care of that for you, no problem.
Anything else I can help you with, HB8Swede?"

HB8Swede: "Well, I would like a threesome, with either a woman or a

Candor: "Sounds like fun to me." (I'm thinking, 'THANK YOU GOD!!')

And then we started discussing candidates from among our
friends/acquaintances. It turns out she had already unsuccessfully
approached her girlfriend about getting it on with the two of us
(without my having discussed it with her). She's also been trying to
seduce a bi friend of hers lately, but without me as part of the

And here's the kicker: she had sex with a guy last month who told her
he wanted a threesome, and she turned him down. Lesson here? Clingy
AFCs can beg all they want and get NOTHING, whereas alphas who give
women the time of their lives get things without even asking for them.

So I sent her off about an hour after she arrived with the words,
"we're going to have a lot of fun seducing and corrupting women
together." She smiled and said, "yeah."

So then, first thing I do is call in my buddy Wing for a conference.
He's not bi and I'm not bi, but we've both had plenty of gay and lesbo
friends so don't have any hangups. I tell him what the deal is, and
ask him if he'd be up for a threesome with HB8Swede, but with no
action between the two guys. He said that he'd be able to do that.
He's done a threesome with another male friend of his before, but felt
really uncomfortable because his friend was bi. Since he knows that
I'm by definition not interested in him, he's not concerned about that
with me. So the road is clear.

So, things are set up quite nicely. I can give HB8Swede what she
wants by "raping" her and giving her a threesome with Wing. But
before I do that, she has to do some things for me. I haven't decided
exactly what I'm going to demand of her yet, but I'm sure it will be
something along the lines of two chicks begging me to come on their
faces... :)

And that, my friends, is the rest of the story.


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