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Re: Respect, honor and society

mASF post by SweetAssSweet24

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Re: Respect, honor and society
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mASF post by "SweetAssSweet24"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 2001

>From: JM
>Date: 1/2/01 3:11 PM Central Standard Time
>Message-id: <m2c***[email protected]***.com[ ? ]>
>On 02 Jan 2001 18:31:09 GMT, in,
> (swe***[email protected]***.com[ ? ] (SweetAssSweet24)) wrote:
>>>So the question is, if this man was walking among us (as he well could
>>>be doing), knowing that this is how he thinks and is planning to act if
>>>he is wronged according to his rules, how would you propose that we deal
>>>with him and other like-minded individuals? We don't know who he is, but
>>>maybe he reads this news group and is picking up seduction tips to use
>>>for his purposes.
>>>Would you try to convince him that he's wrong for thinking in the way
>>>that he does-- for having his ethics? Would you try to deter him by
>>>alerting him to the possible consequences of acting on his thoughts?
>>>Would you try to see it his way? Maybe he'd convince you that his way is
>>>the right way? Shall we congratulate him on being a man of convictions?
>>>Maybe you would choose to just let this fellow be, and say "to each his
>>>own", and, we could let him go on his merry way and maybe even expand
>>>the law to allow for his behavior.
>>>You decide.
>>The 2nd scenario has ZERO relevance to anything. We were talking about a
>> PUA fucking your wife when he knows she's already committed to you. He
>If she's already committed to you then why would she be fucking him?

Because he coerced her emotional state.

>>doesn't CARE or RESPECT your relationship that you've spent months, years,
>>decades building. He has potentially ruined your life and shattered your
>>family. You'd let this go unpunished? You're crazy.
>If it was concensual, then she's the one ruining the relationship. She
>was the one who made the decision to fuck him, so she obviously didn't
>think very highly of the relationship.

You're thinking logically, which women do not.

I think the whole crux of the matter went sailing right over your head.

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