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Re: Respect, honor and society

mASF post by SweetAssSweet24

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Re: Respect, honor and society
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mASF post by "SweetAssSweet24"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 2001

>From: Sir***[email protected]***.net[ ? ]
>Date: 1/2/01 11:45 AM Central Standard Time
>Message-id: <116***[email protected]***.net[ ? ]>
>Saki and SweetassSweet have written:
>(Snip of lots of territorial shit)
>My opinion is that you guys (and others that share this mind-set) are
>flying a flag of respect and ethics on a pole of insecurity: "If
>everyone does the right thing, then I don't have to loose what I have
>and won't have to look foolish for not being able to hold onto it".
>If you can resolve it, it may even help net you a woman who's
>potentially totally loyal to you (though you can never guarantee it), if
>that interests you.
>Here's a question to consider: Why do you and/or your relationship need
>to be respected?
>Regarding honor, what are your thoughts on this scenario?: There is a
>decorated war hero/veteran who is in a wheelchair and has lost both of
>his arms during a battle (his brother didn't survive it) to preserve the
>way of life for you and your given country. His actions probably gave
>your parents the freedom and circumstances under which to conceive you
>and your other loved ones as well.
>But, he is also a silver-tongued devil, and now decides that he desires
>your wife/fiancee while she's volunteering at the VA hospital. He knows
>full well of the commitment she's made to you and how hard you work to
>make her happy.
>Even though he has this knowledge, he talks to her (he has no hands to
>touch her with, or to defend himself with) in such a way that she now
>decides, for the moment, that the pathway to fulfilment for her is to
>draw the privacy curtain, climb astride him in his wheelchair,
>vigorously ride his still-functioning cock, and push her tits into his
>face until they both climax ecstatically.
>Sex like this is one of the few pleasures that he can still experience
>in life after his tremendous sacrifices for country.
>What would you do to him and/or her if you found out about it?

Like I said: She'd get dumped ON THE SPOT and then I'd wheel him down a long,
winding staircase.

>Regarding society, your either want to be in it, or outside of it. Which
>do you choose?. In western society, circa 2001 A.D., cheating is not a
>crime, violence is, with the exception of some special circumstances.
>Are you really against that? Let's try one more scenario to find out....
>A very large, unusually strong, well-built man is talking to a lovely
>woman and decides that he desires her (he's also trained in the
>combative arts by the way). She just happens to be married/engaged to
>you but hasn't told him this yet. Through his words and demeanor, she
>finds that she has started to desire him as well, for her own reasons.
>She now informs him of her committed status. He remains composed, but
>inside him a rage has been activated. You see, his "code" is that any
>woman he desires is rightfully and deservingly his and his alone,
>regardless of her status and as long as she shows a spark of interest,
>and, that any man stupid and arrogant enough try to stake a claim on
>that which, according to his code, is now his, absolutely deserves
>whatever wrath should befall him as a result.
>His scorn for you becomes amplified as he thinks about all of this and
>about how contemptuous and disrespectful you are being towards him by
>your daring to want to keep this woman away from him. On the inside, he
>is now seething.
>On the outside he remains cool though, and through clever conversation,
>he ascertains, through your girl, who you are and where you live and
>work. He is consumed by one mission in life right now: to hunt you down
>and make you pay dearly for your "crime" against him. He envisions that
>his only relief will come once he has exacted his revenge upon you and
>has taught you your "lesson" about what constitutes acceptable behavior.
>His plan is to approach you while you're at your job, and outside on a
>break. He intends to confront you, state your transgression to you, and
>while you are sorting through your confusion about whats happening and
>why, he'll want to make sure that you learn something about fucking with
>him and "his" relationship.
>Before you can react, and before anyone can help you, his fist would
>land squarely in the center of your face, shattering your nose and the
>surrounding structures. He's not thinking about consequences, or about
>killing you accidentally when your head hits the cement, or about jail
>time or legal hassles that might get in the way of him meeting more
>women and living life. All of that is insignificant compared to the
>"injustice" that you've done to him, and to him setting the world
>straight again according to his view of things and his "ethics".
>He realizes that he's stronger and quicker than you are, and so he
>begins to purposefully, methodically and completely righteously
>(according to him) dismantle your stunned and hapless face with his
>fists until it is an unrecognizable pulp and has become irreparably
>unattractive to any future women (should you be 'lucky" enough to end up
>living through your beating/humiliation) He's not really the type to
>show mercy when he's been wronged.
>So the question is, if this man was walking among us (as he well could
>be doing), knowing that this is how he thinks and is planning to act if
>he is wronged according to his rules, how would you propose that we deal
>with him and other like-minded individuals? We don't know who he is, but
>maybe he reads this news group and is picking up seduction tips to use
>for his purposes.
>Would you try to convince him that he's wrong for thinking in the way
>that he does-- for having his ethics? Would you try to deter him by
>alerting him to the possible consequences of acting on his thoughts?
>Would you try to see it his way? Maybe he'd convince you that his way is
>the right way? Shall we congratulate him on being a man of convictions?
>Maybe you would choose to just let this fellow be, and say "to each his
>own", and, we could let him go on his merry way and maybe even expand
>the law to allow for his behavior.
>You decide.

The 2nd scenario has ZERO relevance to anything. We were talking about a summy
PUA fucking your wife when he knows she's already committed to you. He
doesn't CARE or RESPECT your relationship that you've spent months, years, or
decades building. He has potentially ruined your life and shattered your
family. You'd let this go unpunished? You're crazy.

However, if some nutjob as you described attacked me in such an unnecessary
manner and disfigured my pretty face, I'd make sure vengeance was mine,
because that's the type of person I am. Perhaps other people would "let it
go..." and move on, but I wouldn't be able to do that.

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