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Basic NLP books, my experience.

mASF post by Ultimate

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Basic NLP books, my experience.
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mASF post by "Ultimate"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, November 11, 2000

After a first read of these books (Bandler/Grinder):
- "Frogs into princes"
- "My voice will go with you"
- "Trance-formations"
- "Patterns of the ..."
- "The structure of magic"

I must say that it changed completely my way to look at life and people.
The specific seduction tips from asf and puas have completed the job.
I feel reborn.
I'm like a baby discovering the world.

My God!


PS: I will post some reports only if they will contain
significant issues not mentioned in the guides.

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"I'm far from being a pua, but I now can see clearly
the road ahead and it's only a matter of traveling."

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