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Re: To all authors & readers...

mASF post by Aaron R. Kulkis

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Re: To all authors & readers...
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mASF post by "Aaron R. Kulkis"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, July 7, 2000

Terrorex wrote:
> >So you think that because you've paid money, people are obligated to
> >provide you not only the product of service you paid for, but they are
> >also required to let you treat them like shit and walk all over them?
> Are you fukn stupid or what?
> Where did I say if you buy something from someone, you are allowed to treat
> them like shit and walk all over them????
> If you weren't so stupid, you would have realized my point was if you buy
> something from someone, they should not treat their customers like shit... and
> if there is some sort of problem, at least conduct yourself in a professional
> *polite* manner.
> Of course since you weren't paying attention, you got it backwards.
> >So according to your statement below, ross is a selfish asshole because
> >he won't kiss his customers' asses'? Oh shame on ross. What a jerk he
> >is for having self respect.
> and my statement below was.......
> " They don't give a shit about nothing
> but themselves and whats in your wallet..."
> then your dumbass goes on to say:
> >Ok so ross doesn't care about anybody but himself because he won't kiss
> >ass, but he only cares about what is in your wallet. Odd, he obviously
> >cares about his self respect more than what's in your wallet...or
> >wouldn't he be kissing ass for that wallet's contents?
> He kisses ass on his front page. He kisses ass during his sale process. How
> dumb are you???
> >I doubt a University Professor would have any reason to see a free
> >preschool as a threat, or even a nuisance.
> >
> Apparently you are really dumb, comparing with instances that are not the same.
> Moron.
> Free preschool? A University Professor? Did you gauge your brain while shaving
> your head?
> >Ross can afford to offer the refund because it isn't a risk, he has
> >almost 100% customer satisfaction with speed seduction products. The
> >only time you see people complaining is when they felt their purchase
> >entitled them to some ass kissing and they were told to fuck off.
> >
> EVERY purchase is a risk to a buyer in SOME FORM OR ANOTHER. period.
> And people debating the quality of Ross's *product* is not what Im talking
> about. Must i s p e l l i t o u t 4u?
> >Blow it out your ass you hypocritical fuck. You talk about over inflated
> >egos, well who the hell are you to presuppose that ross needs to redeem
> >himself to those who buy his work?
> >
> Hypocritical fuck? Ya see, my response to you would not be in this tone if you
> responded without insulting me. If you were Ross responding, I can understand.
> Anyhow - I am not hypocritical based on your retarded reasoning ~ "I talk
> about overinflated ego's" .... ok, I did that, yes. You say I "presuppose that
> Ross needs to redeem himself to those who buy his work".... yes, I said that
> too. How am I a hypocrite? I may have an overinflated ego... so fukn what. But
> what the fuck does MY ego have to do with the points I was stressing? About
> Ross acting immature and bitch-like in a BUSINESS situation? This is
> different... its not exactly 'customer satisfaction'.., cuz Maniac was a
> satisfied customer... until the person he spent a lot of money on their product
> embarrased him publicly insultingly as well.
> >When you buy a product from ross, or from anybody for that mater, your
> >money entitles you to said product, nothing more. It doesn't mean ross
> >is not somehow in debt to you or that he is obligated to do what you
> >say.
> >Get over yourself.
> I never said someone is in 'debt' to a person who buys their product. Ya see,
> in the world of business and customer satisfaction, it is important to keep
> customers happy with products and services. WHY you ask oh young one???
> WeLL..... one of the most important, if not THE important reason is.... REPEAT
> customers. If you have customers that will buy from you AGAIN, they will surely
> RECOMMEND your product to friends, family, word of mouth. Of course, if your
> product sucks or the experience someone has in dealing with the 'company' or
> your service is bad, that can have negative effects....... Sales effects,
> company image effects, blah blah blah

I have tried this line of (VALID) reasoning with Ross himself,
and eh says "fuck that". It's too NEVER treat potential
repeat customers like shit. Even someone who has bought every product
you have, and there's no for him to purchase?

Why? Because anybody like that is OBVIOUSLY someone who is who
believes you have a good product, and is going to recommend it
to his friends.

Ross is great at NLP and seductions....and lousy at business.

> >And if you were to pay attention you might notice that if anything, SS is
> >about not simply being standard for the sake of being standard, but
> >rather throwing off old ways that do not benefit you, and moving in the
> >new direction you want. Ross doesn't want to kiss customers' asses'
> >he doesn't. The fact he is as successful as he is, despite his refusal
> >to behave in business like an AFC does in relationships, it a testament
> >to the strength of the products he offers.
> >
> If *I* might pay attention? That was too funny.
> I know what SS is and how it is layed out. I know how he markets it and I know
> the essence of it it all so please, pay attention more yourself and stop
> pointing out such retarded shit.
> Do you work for Ross and get paid for these plugs or are you his live-in ass
> kisser?

Odious is hope that some day, he retire to a small apartment inside
Ross's ass. What the moron hasn't figure out is that Ross has no
such delusions himself.

> >This is always an idea that pisses me off. The idea that because you buy
> >something from someone, you are somehow entitled to something more from
> >the person on a personal level.
> Personal level?????????
> Where the fuck did you get the idea that people expect that?
> Odious you are obvious in confusion.
> People would like to be dealt with RESPECT when dealing with a company or
> person who is selling something or someone they have bought something from.
> Fool.
> >It is like the morons who think that
> >because they paid 8 bucks to see the last tom cruise movie, they are
> >somehow entitled to run over and interrupt tom cruise if they see him at
> >a restaurant or something. They act like they are owed something on a
> >personal level because they spent some money. And if told to fuck off,
> >they act as if they've been treated unfairly.
> Here we see how fucking stupid you really are... (im sad now).
> >They act like they are owed something on a
> >personal level because they spent some money. And if told to fuck off,
> >they act as if they've been treated unfairly.
> NO NO NO Idious .... people run up to movie stars because they are famous and
> seen all over, because they are popular, because they like whatever the fuck
> they do or not, want an autograph, blah blah blahhhhhhhh.
> NOBODY goes up to movie stars thinking that they are "owed something". Maybe
> stalkers do. Maybe not. Maybe Im wasting too much time pointing out how god
> damn retarted you are. Maybe maybe maybe.
> >When you buy something from someone, like a book or a seminar, you are
> >paying for the work that went into that book or that seminar. You are
> >paying for information, nothing more. You've not bought a piece of that
> >person or purchased their servitude.
> NO SHIT? wow! did you figure that out all by yourself?????????????????????
> ooooooooooooooh!
> >However to then assume you can disrupt that list and not
> >follow the protocol because you spent X amount of money, is just flat out
> >wrong. Some people find this out the hard way.
> OK surrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Idious....... Im surrrrrrrre Maniac can back your claim
> that *he assumed he can disrupt the list* ------- what you said is the worst
> yet.
> DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? Idious made a MISTAKE. He did nothing on purpose.
> Ross and his newsletter butt buddy act like they are protecting fort knox.
> Fine. No problem. But shit it was a mistake. If it was or not, whatever--- they
> didnt have to sound like stuck up assholes and embarrass him.
> Perhaps the person who made the mistake has a site devoted to FREE seduction
> tips?
> Hmm?
> Mayyyyyyybe.
> >If you don't like that you don't get your ass kissed by ross, too fucking
> >bad. It isn't ross' job to kiss your ass. If you want to pay to get
> >your ass kissed, your money would be better spent at a whore house.
> And Im sure you know all to well about the last line, kinda like how you payed
> all those girls a couple bucks to take pics with you at the convention.
> KISS ASS in business is more of a RESPECT issue Mr. Odious. Respect the
> customer. The other part is also a satisfaction issue. Satisfy your customers.
> What happened to Maniac has to do more with how the whole fucking thing was
> handled. UNPROFESSIONAL. lack of RESPECT. The customer already had his
> satisfaction until he made a mistake and got totally embarrased and shitted on.
> Well... I hope I made things clear for you. Your might be hard of hearing from
> playing Metallica at db's your ears wish to hear until they cannot... but as
> far as your sight and understanding what you read or just things in general...
> I suggest either eye glasses or a new brain.
> Im sorry the latter is impossible.
> Have a nice day : )

Aaron R. Kulkis
Unix Systems Engineer
ICQ # 3056642

I: "Having found not one single carbon monoxide leak on the entire
premises, it is my belief, and Willard concurs, that the reason
you folks feel listless and disoriented is simply because
you are lazy, stupid people"

A: The wise man is mocked by fools.

B: "Jeem" Dutton is a fool of the pathological liar sort.

C: Jet plays the fool and spews out nonsense as a method of
sidetracking discussions which are headed in a direction
that she doesn't like.

D: Jet claims to have killfiled me.

E: Jet now follows me from newgroup to newsgroup
...despite (D) above.

F: Neither Jeem nor Jet are worthy of the time to compose a
response until their behavior improves.

G: Unit_4's "Kook hunt" reminds me of "Jimmy Baker's" harangues against
adultery while concurrently committing adultery with Tammy Hahn.

H:'re a retard.

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