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Re: Greetings and observations

mASF post by who***9@my***.com[ ? ]

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Re: Greetings and observations
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mASF post by "who***9@my***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 2000

In article <[email protected]>,
roa***y@my***.com[ ? ] wrote:
> Hi all --

Thanks for delurking

> I've been lurking here for quite some time -- years actually, but much
> more consistently in the past 6-8 months. As such I just wanted to
> introduce myself and say "hi", and make a few observations and ask a
> questions.
> Some observations:
> #1. There has been a lot of posts about drinking and sarging and the
> pros/cons of this. It seems that most of you are against drinking (or
> at least in quantity) when sarging. What I want to point out is the
> fact that there have been many studies on chemical dependency (not in
> the addiction sense) and how it relates to learning. Basically, if
> learn to do something with that chemical in your body, you only do it
> well when that chemical is in your body. The most common example
> day are the people who just can NOT work without caffeine. They have
> trained themselves to only do their tasks when they have that
> The same goes for people who study for tests all hopped up on
> -- these people will actually do better on the tests if they have
> caffeine vs. without. Granted, they may not do poorly, but they will
> missing the extra edge.
> Compare -- how many times has that little extra edge gotten you to
> base? Keep that in mind if only learn to sarge while drinking -- you
> literally can not do it as well sober.

It was very diffulcult to adapt to sarging without booze. Booze also
does have an effect on inhibitions. I realised the above fact you
outlined and just decid to act "as if" I was drinking. I still miss the
inhibition lowerng effect but have pleasantly discovered my skills
sarging have much improved without booze.

> And Vince, same goes for smokes, glad to see you've quit :)
> #2 You're a whole lot better off just staying out of the whole
> Ross/Ray/JAE etc argue-scussions that go on. They quickly descend
> uselessness, i.e., it does not apply to "How do I get her naked"?

If I want to read flames I'll go to any of the other 40,000+ newsgroups
to witness the same. I will give the flamers this though: They can and
sometimes do give the best seduction tips.

> #3 The 3 second rule is the best piece of advice in existence. I
> haven't failed yet to get a pleasant response yet out of a woman by
> saying an immediate "hi" and then starting a conversation. A lot of
> these end without good results, but so be it. I'll roam further.

Never said better

> The questions I have are this: For you true PUA/SS'ers out there, do
> have any intention of ever being in a LTR? That is -- is this
> you are open to, perhaps at another point in life?

I'm dead set against getting into a LTR but ALWAYS end up in one. I'm
in one now. I told her; "I want to sarge. It wont work out. I want
to break up." Guess what she does? She wants to sarge with me and do
the gals we pick up!!! She is right now online sarging for me. We did
a threesome last night. Shes got another set up for this week-end. I
cant turn this down. I'll never be free dude.

Or are you guys
> strictly living the single life?

I tried. I failed. Beat me.

I only ask because I'm curious.
> Roaming around --
> Monty

Welcome to ASF Monty


> Sent via
> Before you buy.

Did you sleep with yourself or... did you turn yourself down because
you was too easy.

Sent via
Before you buy.

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