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mASF post by turtoni

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Re: NO SPAM IN THE POSTS ON THE Penthouse Article On Speed Seduction»
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mASF post by "turtoni"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 1998

In article <[email protected]>,
Anonymous lo14 <nob***[email protected]***[ ? ]> blabbed:
> Henry Ford was an anti-semite but he made good cars.
> Ross is an insecure oversensitive emotionally unstable man but he has come
> up with some dynamite seduction tips.
> Jackie the Tokeman

Yes, one's that blow up in your face, good point.

Hopefully in the not to distant future you and your
friends will no longer have any need for women and
will be able to slot your lil' winkies and obsessed
minds into a device which will provide you with all
your needs.

turtoni - for your sakes let's hope MS don't build it.

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