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Re: seduction tip

mASF post by Loren Miller

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Re: seduction tip
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mASF post by "Loren Miller"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, April 4, 1996

BadGirl911 (bad***[email protected]***.com[ ? ]) wrote:
"Hey wanna know some good seduction tips coming from a
"female? Well, look her deep in the eyes, as if you are searching her,
"wear REAL cologne (works every time), when you tal to her, look back from
"here eyes, to her lips, talk deeply............oh, and what is all this
"1-10 seduction newsletter stuff? Someone please E-mail me it!!!!! Thanks

Yeh, but that's just the basics for a first-time meeting. Look at her
whole face, smell good, smile lots, speak with a clear, deep voice,
and tell her at the beginning that she's beautiful (or attractive if
she isn't beautiful), and after a while of letting her know that
you're strong and perceptive and not possessive that you really enjoy
her company and want to get together again (or get naked and knock
boots, if that's what you want to do instead).

Loren Miller <lor***[email protected]***.edu[ ? ]>
Working my butt off and wishing I had the time and the equipment to
sit down.

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