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SS Workshop London

mASF post by Orangutantric

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SS Workshop London
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mASF post by "Orangutantric"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, September 9, 2004

Okay background...

I'm good looking with stong natural skills but keen on taking my game to
another level. My weakest point is opening/approaches as in the past I've
relied on looks to get girls opening me or social introductions. Once I'm
in I have a high conversion rate due to looks and general sensuality.

I went on Ross' "advanced Speed Seduction»" workshop last weekend hoping to
learn how to improve approaches and speed up the process. In retrospect
this was perhaps not the best workshop for what I was looking for but it
was nevertheless an interesting weekend.


WE were taught:

An approach method called the walk-up diamond, 2 patterns (twin Brothers,
incredible connection), Anchoring, Some energy work. Ross spent a lot of
time demonstrating on two of the female guests in the audience.

Ross is really really big on Magick and energy work. If it was not NLP,
patterns or anchoring it was rituals, visualisation, meditation or energy

I have a few problems with this:

- I know this stuff well having practised magick since 97 & been doing
Tantra Yoga since 99. I was not there to learn how to activate my
kundalini and the exercises where necessarily simplisitc

- Techniques were given without a grounding in the basics. No mention was
made of banishing rituals or grounding energy. I predict a few of the
guys on the course will practise this stuff and fuck themselves up.

I think someone like Gunwitch is far more resposible. A magician who
gives guys practical simple real world ways to get laid without becoming a
danger to themselves or others. If you are reading this Gunwitch - 93! &
respect man!

Personally I found Ross somehow "brittle" like a lot of who he is is
defined by his ability to lay women. When I was talking to him in one of
the breaks he asked me to back up because he felt I was standing close to
him. We have different personal space requirement in Europe Ross - chill
out I don't bite.

Actually while I had good rapport with the other instructors it was pretty
clear Ross didn't like me.


- Kim and Tom who taught Anchoring. They were playful and entertaining as
well as being excellent teachers.
- Ross's early demonstrations with the 2 girls who were on the course (1
girlfriend, 1 wife). He ran patterns on them and created some SERIOUS
attraction. Some of the energy work he did on the guys wife had her
writhing in ecstacy.
- Shirley (Cheryl?) who taught energy work and was a palpable beacon of
light in the seminar. She's taken on quite a task in working on/with Ross
and I wish her all the best.
- One gem. Excellent advice from Ross on phsically approaching

- The constant plugging of another seminar called "Speed Life" during the
- Ross becoming obsessed with demonstrating on the women and spending a
lot of time with it so much so that it went beyond demonstration an was
either a bit of a public ego wank or just something he couldn't help
- Yates' teaching. Uninspired and dull. - Focus on beliefs minset and
sate while providing a lack of practical tools - No field work.
- The biggest negative was an irresponsible approach to teaching magick
and energy work. For fucks sakes no warnings were even given. Not so
much as a "be careful this is potent stuff and could well fuck you up"

There were a LOT of guys on the workshop who are clearly terrified of
women and have some basic issues with interacting with them. For them I
think some of the basic self-esteem stuff on the workshop would be useful.
It was however billed as an "Advanced course" but I did not any evidence
that there was any quality control.

- The approach stuff has seemed to work well I'm speaking to more random
women throughout the day and but wether its just a case of approaching a
lot more or specific techniques is hard to say. - I've not run the basic
patterns Ross gave as I'm still mulling over the ethics of that one.
- Needless to say I've not been doing the ritual work he advised.

I was looking for more practical tools which there was not a lot of. I've
not been on any other workshops so cannot compare but I suspect the move
from sucessful seducer to Maestro has to be made alone or in a 1-on-1
instruction setting.

- Orang

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