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Outing Report: TD Workshop Chicago

mASF post by blob

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Outing Report: TD Workshop Chicago
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mASF post by "blob"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2003

Hello there ASF Bros!

This is my first post and i would like to contribute my experience with the
Workshop in Chicago back in November. I got to see the DYD seminar and really
enjoyed the atmosphere of meeting some really cool PUA'S that i had not
previously known about. The RealSocialDynamics Workshop followed DYD and I was
in the Sunday Night slot. My previous seduction knowledge was solely based on
Speed Seduction (Memorized Patterns) and Orion's Magical Connections videos
which i have had some success with in the field.

The workshop on Sunday night:

The "Theory" portion of the seminar could have been more structured and notes
would have been nice (It validates the $150 spent on the seminar if you should
miss some things in the field and you don't leave with this "What the heck just
happened" feeling). Tyler did go over his 25 DONTS LIST and we got a crash
course in Alpha Maleness from a very tired but articulate TD. I would like to
add that a linear step by step mapping of a seduction would tremendously help
alot of bros struggling to grasp this stuff (From approaching the HB to closing
IN DETAIL!). You could then make slight adjustments as the seduction
progressed in time. Thing like IOI's and buying temperature still elude me
because I could not recognize these indicators being new to the subject.

Originally, we had planned to goto Excalibur but it was completely dead on a
Sunday Night in Chicago so we shifted venues to a club on Dearborn and Division
(I think it was called the Lucky Leg Club but i am not sure). We all stood in
line for a few minutes and I got to speak with Papa about PUA METHODOLOGY being
pretty new to ASF. Objectively, he really seems like a cool and he genuinely
cares about teaching you the theory behind a sarge. He answered many of my
questions as we stood in line freezing our butts off. Once we got to the door
where the doorman was checking id's, tragedy struck. I was not allowed into the
club because my license had been confiscated by a cop for speeding two weeks
earlier. I showed him the ticket but he would not accept it as valid id so I
was basically left out in the cold. However, Papa took the initiative and
immediately left the venue of the club to literally sarge the streets of
chicago to teach me the art of a true PU. I literally got a one on one
instruction with Papa which really benefited me immensely! TD, Orion, Sickboy,
and 26 took the rest of the bros into the club and proceeded to shock the
beginners with some real live pickup instruction (and outrageous pickups) which
i am sure was posted at this forum at some point.

Getting to my limited time with papa, we set out on Dearborn Ave looking for
another venue to sarge in that would allow me access with a speeding ticket
only. It really didn't matter because five minutes of cold walkups to women on
the street produced an amazing result which completely shocked me and made me a
believer in this whole seduction workshop thing. Trust me when i say that i was
a bit skeptical at paying $150 with all of the hype I was hearing but i needed
something to convince me to keep the quest to learn seduction going. Papa
literally approached this HB 8 in a hallway vestibule as she had shopping bags
in one hand and keys to open her door in the other. He knocks on the window of
the door (which is locked from the outside unless someone buzzes you in) or
physically opens the locked door. He basically asks her if there are other
bars in the area that will allow me entry without a valid picture id. Some
fluff ensues then he starts into the "i need a female opinion" routine with the
"Jealous Girlfriend" Script. He then transitions into the cube after some light
qualifying and shifts into other routines with utter ease. I shit you not,
within 5 minutes of talking to this woman i could literally see her becoming
attracted to Papa which blew me away entirely!!! I need to add that before the
woman opened the door as she was trying to get up to her apartment, she seemed
very hesitant and i was thinking to myself that there was no way in hell this
woman was going to go along with this seduction thing-Boy was i fucking wrong!!
This was a big revelation i encountered which forever shattered my perceptions
on what was possible. After giving the routines, papa then made some comments
on a guy that kept going in and out of the building and even asked "What was
wrong with him" to generate some laughter from the HB (I guess this was a
demonstration of social proofing but i could be wrong). After talking with the
HB a bit more about her attending college for Pharmacy, he stuck his arm ala
french style and gestured that he wanted to take her out for coffee (He didnt
ask her but just insinuated this and didnt really give her time to think about
it). She answered "yes" and needed to put her bags of groceries up stairs first
which took about 5 minutes. I actually thought she would blow us off but she
did come back out. We then headed to a neighborhood restaurant that she was
comfortable with. We sat and talked and Papa literally would whisper things
like "Connections pattern-RJ" or "Example of Alpha Male" as she was sitting
there looking for matches to light her cigaratte. She would have this look on
her face but then papa would start with more routines again. He also did a
magic trick which really had her laughing. We spent about a good hour or so
talking with this hb until the restaurant literally told us to leave because it
was closing time (about 2am approximately). Papa then pulled out his cleo and
got her name and number and by then i was a believer and extremely excited
about what was in store for me in the future. He could have nailed this chick
with the reactions i saw her giving him but he felt it was his responsibility
to teach and ensure i learned something from the whole process. He tried to get
me some sets in but without the id and the time factor (it was about 2:30am)
things were going against us so he decided to debrief at the rocknroll
mcdonalds. All in All, i would highly recommend this workshop to any bros out
there (especially the skeptical ones) because i too was skeptical as to what
was possible until i witnessed it with my own eyes! My only experience was with
Papa and he skills look to be the best i have ever seen. He is also a decent
guy and really cares that you are learning the material. I don't give
testimonials willingly unless they truly warrant my praise.

Comments, suggestions welcomed.

--Blob in Chicago

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