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Re: Mister E for Insecure

mASF post by Mister E

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Re: Mister E for Insecure
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mASF post by "Mister E"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 1998

Aloha, Dickweed.

So, not only are you hopelessly out of touch with reality, you're racist,
too. I think you and I are done (BTW, "E" is for my first name, you moron.
If you'd learn to use that Radio Shack computer of yours, you'd figure out
my real last name in a nanosecond).

Certainly you blew whatever infinitesimal shreds of credibility you might
have had away with that relentlessly inane post.

Oh - the BIZ. If you only had an idea how dumb you really are, or who you're
trying feebly to insult, you might be embarrassed to call me a gofer. But
to be embarrassed requires some modicum of self-awareness. You are striking
me more and more like one of those old farts who hangs out at the bar and
doesn't see the veins in their nose getting uglier and uglier... just like
your soul, and black heart.

Arrividerci, tweedledum.


In article <[email protected]> , rdo***s@go***.com[ ? ]

>Mister E (Epstein, I presume?)
>Hello? Duh. Challenge me to what? I refuse a geek-off. You've got me there.
>What is it that you want? Free books? Why? You know everything, right? You
>have a great life and a great love life with your fist and internet porn.
>What could you possibly learn from me?
>You're a gofer in the BIZ. Wow! Wuss also failed in the BIZ on several levels,
>then he became a paralegal, then an advisor on how to get laid with NLP sleaze
>Someday, you can quit your job in the mail room and become a paralegal too! If
>you take NLP "Blow smoke up your own ass" classes from WUSS and other MULTI-
>Ok, then Mr. Epstein?
>Be a success with women and in life. Attend WUSS' PSYCHIC SEDUCTION workshop
>on Ground Hog's Day. It's only $900 and it used to have a money back
>guarantee, but no longer. Too many semi-intelligent lonely guys realized they
>had be suckered.
>So now, kiss your money good bye.
>Aloha, and Merry Hannaka or however you spell it.
>R. Don Steele FREE: The first ten steps to date young
>women. Send empty email to fir***0@st***.com[ ? ]
>Even Mister Epstein can get it.
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