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The Ever Expanding Universe of PUA‘s

mASF post by Maxwell Bond

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The Ever Expanding Universe of PUA‘s
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mASF post by "Maxwell Bond"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, November 11, 2004

On 11/20/04 8:59:00 PM, TheGame» wrote:
>I think this is a non-issue
>and in fact the opposite is
>happening, i.e. more
>men are turning afc and going
>down the way of Wussdom than
>men who are
>finding the path to PUAdom.

I'm actually willing to accept this theory... there are more reasons to believe
in it than not.

>2. Of the guys who come into
>the community, very very VERY
>few actually get

I willing to accept this as well... either they take a workshop, go out a few
times and then give up, or only practice game when they are in workshop... they
become workshop junkies who only have game when they have forked huge amounts
of cash and are being directly tutored by a professional.

the only way to
>get good is massive
>amounts of field experience
>combined with applying correct


>So no worries, even as the
>community grows, only a small
>% of guys here are
>doing what it takes to reach
>PUA status while the rest of
>male society
>becomes even more pussified.

LOL - if I accept this as a correct hypothesis, then what is happening is that
a larger percentage of the male population is giving up their influence over
women in an increasing amount, while an even smaller percentage of the male
population is gaining even more influence over women in an increasing amount.


Again, what concerns me most is not necessarily the amount of guys who are
doing this well, but the amount that have the information on how to do this
well, but are bungling it!

They're the ones that will make my life difficult.

As I posted previously, this may be more relevant to the city I live in, San
Francisco, than elsewhere.

For such a small city, we have a very active community, at both the
professional and amateur level (PUA and PUa, as someone posted before). We have
two different seduction workshops going on about every weekend, in addition to
the lair guys who go out as well. Fortunately, I do a lot of my sarging during
the week, so I don't get the hassle of running into the PUA hordes, but it is a
concern when going out during the weekend.

Our city is so small, and the community so active, that it is possible for a
girl to be opened by a guy in the daytime with one opener, and then be opened
by another guy with the same opener when she goes out to the club that night
(happened to two of my wings).

As a result, I use my own material to avoid this... but it makes me wonder if
the whole concept of the indirect opener has a shelf life that expires when a
girl has been exposed to it too much (I referred to this as the PUA Bitch
Shield). Just last night, I told a girl she was trouble and she said, "Someone
else just called me that a few minutes ago".

Anyway, I see it as a challenge to be able to create material that still goes
under the radar no matter how many times a girl has been hit on before... but
the issue of tripping over a lot of guys who are out running ASF material is a
real one for where I live.

I wonder, how long till this happens elsewhere?

Thanks for your comments - good post!

- Maxwell

Any night of sarging, is a GOOD night of sarging!

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