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“I‘ve fucked more than 3000 women!”

mASF post by GuitarZan

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“I‘ve fucked more than 3000 women!”
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mASF post by "GuitarZan"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2004


I was going to post a thread about this one day, but now is just as good a time
as any. About a couple months after I found this site I was browsing through
the channels here in Canada, and found something about seduction on the Life

Obviously I was curious, so I started watching it (It was nearing the end of
the program). I am not sure if the show was on seduction in general, or if it
was about seduction and featured this guy for the whole show.

Anyways this guy operates somewhere in Europe maybe in Prague or something. He
teaches seduction workshops probably most similar to BB (from what I hear about
BadBoys workshops).

What's different though is that he teaches both men and women. The show went
into his classroom as well as with him and his students, and him solo in the
field. He was teaching some HB8 Belly Dancer how to pickup guys, and would
watch her as she had coffee with a guy and then debrief her after.

Then it went to him going solo, and he got a number off of what looked like an
american milf tourist with her husband or BF. When questioned about how many
women he has slept with he said over 1200, mainly in the last 10 years. He
looked in his late 30's at least.

What's surprising is I have never heard about him here, despite him teaching
workshops. I wish I would have wrote down his name or his program... I wouldn't
mind meeting him one day.


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