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Re: Great night out (long Field Report)

mASF post by Alessandro

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Re: Great night out (long Field Report)
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mASF post by "Alessandro"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2002

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 12:04:00 -0400, Maddash wrote:

>I not following your post exactly... Are you saying that I post field
>reports only to brag?

Ummm, not at all, Considering that I have print-outs of your AoS.

> Because you seem to be implying it. Before you
>answer, I would refer you to my really shitting FR's. Also, before you
>answer, you might want to consider that you are implying that anybody who
>posts a good FR is merely "bragging".

HAHAHA, this is so funny Maddash, you are putting words in my mouth. I
really hope you are drunk, because you are acting VERY strange

> I don't know if that's what you
>meant, but if so, that would make you appear to be someone who is pissed
>because other people are having some success with the techniques.

Dude, I invest hours everyday just copying EVERYONE's techniques and
trying to have some success with them, it is even more true about tips
written by a guy called "Maddash". Sunoffabitch, if I am pissed, then
it is because you didn't put in enough juicy detail for me to copy and
reproduce, and I WASN'T pissed at all :-)

I like you man, don't let the ego shit get in the way.

> Surely,
>this isn't what you meant, Allesandro? Tell me that I misunderstood,
>because I really don't want to write you off as being a loser asshole. You
>haven't come off that way to me in the past.

If that makes you happy, go ahead, write me off as a loser asshole. I
will still like your posts though, and I think you are a cool guy :-)

No man, you totally misunderstood me.

>Passing over that for now, the same argument(s) you present could be made to
>argue against the need for the Lounge. Everything should be totally open,
>share it with anybody and everybody. Fair enough, it seems reasonable, I

I am an idealist, and most of my beliefs are useless in practice. You
don't need to follow me, if the lounge is working for you, great.
Otherwise I would personally hate to be constrained by "trade
secrets". If I went to any of those seduction workshops, you can bet
your ass that I would be posting all I learnt online, and subject
myself to lose the trust of those "teachers" and probably law suits.

Secret communities would be good just for the privacy of identity. But
then, Mystery gives full access to the lounge to everyone who pays for
his workshop. So, even that is vulnerable, for the only thing between
my picture, address, full name, and a suicidal stalker like GRP, is
the few hundred dollars for the workshop.

Again, don't bother following my ideals and my paranoia, I am nasty
like that :-D

>The two great advantages of the Lounge are the dedication and total
>accountability of the participants. Every guy on there has made an extended
>effort to successfully apply the techniques of ASF, and every guy is totally
>accountable, exactly as if we were together in RL.

This part I will give it to you, Yes.

> Those of you who have
>met me know that I hold NOTHING back in person, I am an open book. I don't
>charge for anything, I don't sell anything, I'll share everything I know
>with anybody who I sarge with in person,

This is also true about me and everyone who met me.

> or anybody who is vouched for in
>the Lounge. I guess maybe I have a hang-up of some kind or something, but
>as I said before: I'm not going to post portions of routines that other guys
>have come up with. It's not about being secretive for its own sake, it's
>about respecting a guy's wish to keep it secret and not calling (or
>implying) him elitist.

Hmmm, this is a bit tricky. If I was you, I would post everything and
give FULL credit to the guy.
See, it is a BIG world, and there is no way ASFers can exhaust that
man's supply of HBs. No fucking way.
Besides, knowledge is useful when it is shared, otherwise it is just
dead trees and wasted ink.

>And the other reason is that the really good stuff ... and some of it is
>really, really fucking good, mind-blowing stuff ... I mean, there are some
>fucking powerful routines and patterns out there that you just would NOT
>believe have the effect that they do ... Stuff that isn't even talked about
>in the Lounge ... IMO, that sort of stuff should only be shared with the
>guys who: are willing to dedicate a substantial effort to this; are willing
>to put a face, name, and address to their actions; and have at least enough
>talent that there is at least the potential of them contributing something
>back to the group. Is that too much to ask?

No that isn't too much to ask, specially if you are the originator of
such killer material. But then, if I was the proverbial "you", I
wouldn't hold anything back. Infact, I would not only release my
findings, but I would also make sure it reaches every guy in the
group, so my effort is not *sold* by some miscreant for money.

Maybe I would think like you if I knew someone with commercial
interests in PU in person. I don't know if you are friends with Ross,
Mystery, et al, or not. May be I too would feel strongly about giving
away a friend's bread and butter, for free on-line. But then, I don't
have such ties, so all bets are off ;-D

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