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SV: Field Report: razorjack method approach...

mASF post by razorjack

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SV: Field Report: razorjack method approach...
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mASF post by "razorjack"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

> From: Ox
> Ok. all shit a side you did a great job at explaining your point. thanks and
mad props, you are
> a great teacher...i like the way you used the q&a format, i am sure you are
having a lot of
> success at explaining your method this way. I think it was the greek
phylosophers who started
> with this technique..thanks for taking the time in your busy schedule.

You're welcome, bro! Yes I knew that there was a misunderstanding and the only
way I could get
past that was to have a conversation with myself! Haha! :)

> having said that, your method is based on body language and tonality and

When it comes to attraction, then yes I think you're right.

But I'll be the first one to admit that I really suck at examining and
explaining what I do and
how what I do works.

> i
> dont see the difference with indirect there.

YES, EXACTLY! There is no difference!

THAT was my point all along! Attraction is attraction no matter what type of
game you're running.

What I was trying to show you here is how direct game works with the 9s and 10s
we were talking

I was NOT saying that everybody should do direct to attract 9s and 10s. I hope
you see that.

> i think this is where "the east meets the west". in
> indirect we try to subcommunicate higher value the same way, which is
basically what you are
> doing. difference is that you are dropping the routines and the dhv´s from
the equation and
> possibly jumping into rapport as quickly as possible

Yes, well put! This is exactly what I'm doing!

> again i dont know because the
> technicalities you dont explain or you dont have the time to go to details
but it is what i am
> guessing.

Well it's not that. To be honest, I don't know HOW to explain cuz I'm a
natural. I take so MANY
things for granted. I have the toughest time analyzing what I do and how it

Maybe when rp_5150 gets here in july, he'll write up a post and explain to me
and you guys how I'm
doing things! Haha! :)

> Still the question of cockblocks and group theory is still something that i
scratch my head
> about. why not disarming obstacles sooner rather than later? but again i
suppose is a question
> of styles and method.

Yeah, I know dude. It's not easy if you can't see this in real life. You have
to be good at
reading body langauge and social dynamics. I think that's one of my strengths,
I usually know what
chicks are thinking before they do! :)

One chick even told me she thought it was scary how I know so much about
chicks! :)

> you need really a heck of a frame to pull this off...i mean really, you need
a super frame to
> pull this off.

Yes, definitely! I know alot of guys can't do this. The guys that can pull this
off are ones that
have been in the game for some time and wanting to simply things.

But if you want, I got a post from last year that I wrote about where I first
discovered this
concept after a discussion with TD and ijjjji. It's in the archives called "The
Asshole Rock Star
Style", maybe it will help you see where I'm coming from.

> again thanks for taking the time.

You're welcome bro! I'm glad I got my point across.

Peace man!


"Why do we chase women instead of settling for one - like most of the other
guys in the world? No clue. We are a unique class of guys. Maybe we got cut off
too early from our mother's milk - so we spend the rest of our lives looking
for that same titty again." - Zan

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