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Re: Hang with cool guys who pickup chicks

mASF post by ralex

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Re: Hang with cool guys who pickup chicks
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mASF post by "ralex"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

LowRider69 wrote:
> Recently i've moved back to my hometown and ive started chilling with some
> friends and aquaintances...
> Biggest thing i forgot, these guys have no interest in women and barely
> acknowledge hotties or appreciate social dynamics. Its fucking frusterating
> hanging with people who don't share my favourite interest and hobby.
> With my other friends, we always notice the hotties, we always attempt shit,
> always look to improve our skills, and attempt to fuck chicks. Even if we go
> home DIH, we tried and we'll try again tomorrow.
> We dont always focus on pickup but hotties are high on the priority list.
> socially cool and we enjoy the process. We'd rather chill in a bar, mall, or
> park than sit around chilling in a sausage fest.
> Tonight i felt like banging my head against the wall. My other buddies
> understand when i stop to chat with a chick, these guys find it a hinderance
> wonder what the fuck i'm doing.
> Whats worse, negative social proof. This dude i chilled with today - smart,
> decent guy but doesn't have a clue around women...sorry bro, book smarts
> everything.
> Anyway, cutting a long rant short, i think alot of us love women and thats
> we practice pickup. Ive realized women are one of my favourite hobbies and i
> enjoy being around people who share my interest.
> Even hitting the local bar scene is cool because most of the people are
> to socialize. I have no problems making new friends and meeting new people.
> at the point where going solo is much more liberating than having an anchor
> stands around doing nothing. Or having an anchor who doesn't
> appreciate/understand the social dynamics in play. Even if i spoon-feed him a
> chick, he'll somehow fuck it up.
> I want to become super fucking slick and i can't surround myself with people
> who dont share that same vision.
> ALright homies, mack on.
> g'night.
> Lowrider

some of my friends are too pussy to say anything to a girl, so i always
feel uncomfortable when i go and talk to a girl and they're around. when
i come back, they tease heh.. it's all good in a buddy-buddy sense, but
damn... they're becoming CBs

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