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Re: Choose Outing Report Lose

mASF post by Señor Fingers

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Re: Choose Outing Report Lose
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mASF post by "Señor Fingers"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/10/05 6:50:00 AM, Boccaccio wrote:
>I'm interested how you got out of this
>rut. You say you didn't belief in
>yourself, so what gave you the
>motivation to try anyway? And what did
>you do to get to the stadium of beig a
>'normal' guy with a 'normal' social

The motivation was losing a great opportunity with an incredible woman. She
a true dime and I remember how jealous my friends were when she took me
to her place to spend the night. She was really into me, but my game was
weak and she ended up screwing some millionaire dude who was sweating
her, and getting pregnant. My friends weren't much in the days that followed,
so I went online looking for support and stumbled onto this community.

My journey to recovery was not easy, but in time I made it out of my shell and
as extra motivation, I took notes along the way. If you are interested in some
of my older posts which cannot be found on this forum, shoot me an email.

On 6/10/05 12:04:00 AM, AlwaysExcel wrote:
>There seems to be two distinct levels
>you're talking about. There's
>progressing from rarely/never having sex
>to being a cool relaxed guy who
>regularly gets laid by normal social
>circle means.

You make a good point AE.
The problem is that guys come here wanting to reach that level overnight and
in turn they skip the hard work of building a strong foundation self
acceptance and social skills. It seems to me that the people who would
benefit the most from these workshops are fellas who already got some game
in them.

>Then there's being able to master any
>situation and go for what you want
>regardless of the usual social
>roadblocks. Stuff like managing the
>chaos of various social environments. I
>think the gurus and seduction programs
>are especially helpful for the latter

Definitely. To be honest, if it weren't for the hefty price tag, I would not
hangin out with these dudes to see what all the hype is about, plus like I
quite a few of them seem like funny interesting characters to know. But I
dunno if they are cool enough for me to pay $500-$1,500. Fuck that shit..
you can join a gym, pimp your crib, or get some fresh gear for that kind of

>My friends who get laid easily
>aren't used to creating opportunities in
>strange social settings. Hell, sometimes
>they don't even seize opportunities in
>familiar social settings! I've had sex
>with girls that my more experienced
>friends wanted to fuck because I pay
>more attention to seduction dynamics and
>am more proactive, not because my
>friends lacked opportunity.

Do you ever feel like your awareness of all the facets of social dynamics robs
you of the joy of experiencing them? This was the problem I had with such
thinking..the more I analyzed shit on a head level, the less I was aware of it
on a total body level, if that makes any sense. I couldn't let myself marinate
the experience with all the internal dialogue in my mind ( that an
I think it is! Should I neg or takeaway, or maybe my body should be 20
degrees away from her? Yup that did it... her BT just spiked...What's this?? Oh

>I want to empower myself to do whatever
>I choose to do in life. That's why the
>technical stuff like frame control is so
>fascinating to me. But yeah, I've found
>it's been better for me to slowly and
>experimentally add that stuff into the
>mix once I fixed a couple basic things
>and started getting laid through my
>social circle.

Frame control is a seductive concept for anyone who feels lost within
themselves. We would love to believe that we can just make a mental decision
and have our thought patterns and self perception completely shift. And there
is a ring of truth to this...all action begins with thought. But I believe you
be in control of any frame until you master the chaos of your mind and spirit.
This only comes through hard work and discipline.

Achieving your personal goals, seductive or otherwise, is the best form of
frame control there is IMHO. The times I feel most on top of my game are
usually when I have pushed my limits, either physically (running an extra
mile) creatively (finishing a project I am proud of) or spiritually (helping a
friend out or just being a blessing to people who cross my path). Why
perpetuate a transient sense of pride when you can manifest true confidence?

On 6/9/05 8:32:00 PM, OM wrote:
>i was used to feel my
>spirit with no "fire" on it
>with no wish to dance. Any
>small thing that could make me
>happy was enough for me to
>accommodate myself and not
>fight for anything.

Complacency is a bitch aint it? I still suffer from it from time to time. Which
why I surround myself with over-achievers who fuel my competitive spirit. I
see my fellow hustlers doing their thing and it lights a fire under my ass to
get moving again. While it is great to relax and appreciate what you have, I
believe that balance is everything, and it is good for us to realize that our
life's work is never done until we stop living.

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