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mASF post by Señor Fingers

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mASF post by "Señor Fingers"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/8/05 3:41:00 PM, Mugen wrote:
>What makes this advanced?

The fact that I've had to learn all of the complex bullshit advocated in places
like these to discover that game is much simpler than we are making it out to
be. Don't get me wrong...I am grateful for ASF because it gave me hope that I
could improve this area of my life. But it took me years to see that techniques
and tools are just the fruits of deeper roots.

This post is not just about advancing your game, but EVOLVING as a human
being and seducing the way nature intended. Believe me, it is much harder to
take responsibility for your life as a man, than it is to mask your personality
with attitudes and beliefs that don't really belong to you. The problem is that
most of yall don't believe in yourselves and would rather put your faith in
obscure terminology till seduction resembles more a game of Dungeons and
Dragons than a dance of mutual attraction between two people. Let's be real,
you ain't gonna put on a cloak of +4 C&F and score the hot bitches. 5,000
approaches and the intense study of social dynamics will definitely help you
in a lot of ways...whether or not all of that is really necessary to get laid
another issue entirely.

Remember that old fairy tale "The Emperor Has No Clothes?" The ASFers are
the townspeople. The pro-gurus are the emperors, who have created
something out of illusion they use to preside over the masses
and collect taxes as it were. In the end, a child comes forward and points out
the obvious, shattering the illusion. Was he the most simplest or the most

Now before an all-out flame war starts, let me admit one thing. I have never
been to any seminar on this subject, and can't say first-hand that they are
misleading. In fact I have been in touch with some of these PUAs and for what
it's worth, they strike me as cool ass motherfuckers. I am sure there are lots
of people whose skills have skyrocketed after vibing with these dudes. My
point is that, in the grand scheme of things, men have been seducing for
centuries just fine without them. At the end of the day, you would be better
served by hanging out with and befriending natural players and realizing over
time how simple this shit really is, than trying to learn all these external
behaviors, cram-session style in a matter of days. I will also come clean and
say that I almost needed to go through this hyper-analytical phase in order to
see with my own eyes that it led nowhere and I had bigger fish to fry. We all
learn differently, so to each his own.

All I can say is that my game has boiled down to the bare essentials...
Eliminate shame and doubt from your mind and learn to be truly happy with
who you are, how you look and what you do. Then you will see for yourself
that C&F, neghits, rapport and all that jazz will come to you of its own
accord. No assembly or rocket science required!

On 6/9/05 6:54:00 AM, OM wrote:
>sorry for the completly off topic:
>Senior Fingers? are you the guy that
>wrote "Weapons of Mass Seduction"?

Yup. It was all part of the validation phase I was going through. I cringe when
I think about half the stuff I wrote in that book, because most of it covers
behaviors of an alpha male and never really tackles the right attitudes from
which spring these actions. If anything, it's a guide on how to act like a PUA,
instead of truly being one. There is still some good material in it and I don't
regret putting it out there, but like any advice it should be taken with a huge
grain of salt and tempered by your own experiences. In any case, I am glad
you found it useful!


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