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road to PUA and innergame

mASF post by [look]aRhino

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road to PUA and innergame
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mASF post by "[look]aRhino"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I don't know if you need that stuff.

I know i listened to his audio books, but I couldn't get over his grating
voice. He put so much emphasis into EVERYTHING. God, not every little word
you say needs to be like that. The other end of the scale from monotonous, but
just as bad.

Whats worked for me? I've actually changed myself into that guy.

Sit down and envision "that" girl. The one that you want to get. Now write
down the shit she would like in a man.

I thought about it, and I evaluated my life. I was sorely lacking. So i hit
the gym, a lot. I started to learn how to play piano. I'm learning how to
draw, I've got lots of friends, a busy life. I took care of my appearance,
bought stylish clothes, paid attention to social dynamics and how to connect
with people and so on.

Anybody can tell themselves they're the best, IMO, to truly believe when you
say that, there needs to be hard evidence to back it up.

"You're clean, welldressed, funny, socially adept, with hobbies, skills and
responsibilities to fill out your life. OF COURSE you deserve her. The
question is whether she deserves you."


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