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Re: Logistics and related stuff

mASF post by finalD

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Re: Logistics and related stuff
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

spirit wrote in news:[email protected]:

> Spirit

That was a pretty awesome post, Spirit.

I did notice were were kinda slammin' on me, and I do feel you missed a
few of the points -- like, for example, when I explained I wasn't
bemoaning logistical difficulties as much as looking for solutions to
them, to which you answered that I needed to stop bemoaning the
logistical difficulties, heeheehee. Also, the business about living a
boring life is part true but also partly waaaaay off target, probably a
function of the internet / limited information / etc.. I used to have a
"different" life but I frankly can't afford, in terms of time or energy
or money, to do much more than I'm doing nowadays. I'd love to be the
social "center" at work but I'm exhausted. Work sucks. It exhausts me. I
want to be king of the world so that I can take a day off. And when I
take that day off, the LAST fucking thing IN THE FUCKING WORLD that I
want to do is meet new annoying hot little prissy cunts at some loud
dance club. So yeah, I'm "boring." :P

But I'll take your post in the spirit it was (I hope) intended, to help
not harm, so I have some observations.

I guess one problem is that I don't enjoy highly social environments. I
never have. It's not that I'm an introvert (Myers-Briggs et al.). I
consistently test highly extroverted on all those things, and my own
knowledge of myself suggests that this is the case, too. Rather, it's
that I am "intellectual" -- can't help it, wouldn't want to try to
pretend otherwise since the congruency will always be a problem -- and
have all the disadvantages that this entails. My brain doesn't thrive on
vapid, shallow discourse, I tire of it, I get EXHAUSTED. I sarge well
in environments in which conversation can take place, and I lose my vibe
easily wherever there's sound infiltration.

By the way, isn't anyone else out there sleepy all the fucking time? How
in HELL do you work in exercise, bedtime, work, food, laundry, and
also sarging? Something has to give. Yeah, the life is "boring" but I
don't (I really hope) come across as "some dull guy who doesn't do
anything interesting" when I'm sarging. I have good stories, and the
targets don't need to know that I actually live the life of a drudge. :P
I didn't pick this life, anyway, so my fantasies are always active. :)
Seriously, I realize where you could have concluded that, but I'm
basically the vibrant one in the room. I have a sort of Leonine (as in
astrology sign of Leo) charisma to draw others into my glow, as long as

Your comments about some of the social dynamics that you observe and
participate in, are UTTERLY FOREIGN to me. I guess it never occurred to
me that there's some kind of situational differences among different
loud-cacophonous venues, or different times of night. I hate these
venues for their cacophony and can't really distinguish among them. I
don't feel a one-oh-one vibe, or know how to manage it. I'm amazed that
it even occurred to you to NOT escalate early, merely because you knew
you'd have to spend another five hours with the chick before escalation
could possibly be fruitful. These sorts of observations are, basically,
LOGISTICAL, and they're things I didn't actually know about.

Your commentary about what you do, therefore, has a kind of "from
Mars" aspect to it, for me. I mean, congratulations that you know not to
escalate until later in the evening, if you know that you're going to
have to spend most of the evening without a fuck-venue and therefore
late escalation will be more effective than early escalation.
Congratulations on HAVING LOGISTICAL SKILLS. This is a useful comment to
me, only in that it points out to me something that I now understand I
did not have. How do you know when you'll have to spend a whole
evening with the chick before you can get a fuck?

I mean, WHO THE HELL TOLD YOU what the future was going to hold? I would
never have KNOWN which was which. I meet a chick and I DON'T FUCKING
KNOW if I'm going to spend five hours or five minutes with her. Who
does? That's just one example.

Your business about how sometimes people are talking quietly, other
times there's a raucous dance going on, etc. -- well, yeah, I've seen
it, but you are just utterly Martian to me in that you could draw
conclusions from it and thereby use it to your advantage. It's great to
hear what a few of your conclusions are, and how they color your
sarging, but I'd much rather LEARN TO DRAW MY OWN CONCLUSIONS.

So, in short, you sound to me like a "natural" at logistics. You're
saying things about how, after the fact, you notice that you have
happened to have solved problems. I would rather hear things about how,
before the fact, I too can develop similar skills. What am I missing

See what I'm saying? I don't reject your post, at all. It sounds like
some great stuff. I just want you to remember what it used to be like,
when you were an AFC and you heard some natural PUA say something like,
"dude, you just need to fuck her" or "go on out and get laid" or "just
be yourself" or "she really wants to kiss you." It's useless advice,
aside from the encouragement that it implies, that SOMEWHERE down the
road there might be some relief.

I notice these logistical skills going on in most of the field reports I
read, too. Quite often there are some odd comments, like, "So, I took
her cigarette away from her -- she was a smoker and I knew she didn't
have a lighter -- and threw it in the gutter." The point in the field
report or lay report might be something about what you did with the
cigarette. But I'm always baffled by the other part -- "I knew she
didn't have a lighter". Like, how? You have X-Ray fucking vision? What?
I know I made up this example, but I see these "I just knew" things
going on lots in some of the more successful field reports. In fact, for
me, most field reports read like people who are oddly prescient. They
plan for / prepare for / already know about logistics. In advance.

A final point I'd like to make, is that SLEEP has always been an issue
for me. I GENUINELY would wish to sleep from 8 pm to 7 am EVERY NIGHT. I
don't know why this is. Some doctors have suggested that it's because I
have a very high metabolic change -- the distinction between my resting
and my active heart rates, for example, is a very great distinction.
Other doctors have put me on mild stimulants, vitamin B shots, and
theophylline (formerly prescribed for asthma, an adrenaline derivative).
But blood tests indicate no problem. I CAN function quite normally on
the "average" 7:45 hours a night, from approximately 11 pm to
approximately 6:45 am. I just HATE it. I get grumpy. I want my extra
dream. Ideally I would, instead, awaken at 6:45, then fall back asleep
and remain in bed until 10, to get the "restful" sensation. When I was
unemployed I genuinely slept sixteen hours a day, sometimes. I would do
that for five, six days, then go on a bender, party most of the night,
crash, repeat the cycle. I hear AFC work drone go-with-the-system type
of people say that their job "revitalizes" them and they like getting up
in the morning in order to get to work because they're looking forward
to what they're going to "get to" do, but I just find my work obvious
and boring, nothing I'd ever choose were I given a choice; and yet, it's
one of the few 'real' job offers I've had in fifteen years. I do hate my
job and the lifestyle that's necessary for it, but I don't actually
have a high-pressure "career" at all -- I guess I could never function
in that environment in the least, so I've never gravitated toward it.

So maybe the whole "not energized about life" thing is closely related
to the "not interesting about life" and therefore "doesn't have good
sarging experiences" but since I can't afford to improve my job -- no
time to look for a replacement, and no major prospects anyway -- I don't
think that will be a fruitful area of investigation. Maybe so. I'm kind
of tired of how all questions devolve to inner-game and self-confidence
issues. I don't think I lack confidence. I think I lack social
antennae. Obviously, the fact that your observations seem, to me, to
come from fucking Mars, bear this shit out. Martians, we all know, have
retractable antennae. :)

So, I guess, what I want to know is how you learned some of your
logistical tricks. And also, list some more. Like, lots more. I'm
beginning to get an inkling of the relationship between "social theory"
and "vibe" and "group dynamics" and other things like that, on the one
hand, and how they have bearing on logistics. It had honestly never
occurred to me that the two realms were related at all. Boy do I feel
like a loser now ... :( ... but thanks for your insights. Try not to
slam me so much next time ... :) ...

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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