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Approach anxiety cured - solution inside

mASF post by Iron_Rinn

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Approach anxiety cured - solution inside
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mASF post by "Iron_Rinn"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005


I have 3 standard openers - one for groups; one for single chicks, indirect;
one for single chicks, direct.
I am getting better at calibrating based on the social
rather than just running openers with complete
disregard for the vibe the target is emanating.
I've seen some guys run openers which could be killer under
different circumstances but, when uncalibrated, just
end up sounding contrived and ridiculous. (I've made
that mistake on more than one occasion, myself.)

Another shift in my game is the realization that
WHAT you say really DOES NOT matter. The words are really
just a vehicle for you to convey your tonality and
body language. Sort of like dumb lyrics for a catchy
song, just using the words as a way to get the rhythm
across. I've had much better success opening with a
stupid-ass line with killer tonality and body language
than when I've used an amazing line yet have been
overly self-conscious and incongruent.

As far as the masturbation thing goes, I am ambivalent
on that one. I gave up masturbation for a while on
advice I got from this site. The benefit was that I
was a lot more sexually aggressive in my approach and
exuded a lot more alpha energy.

The drawback was that when I DID get a day 2, I practically
blew my load in my pants while I was making out with the
girl back at her place. Felt like I was a fifteen year
old kid in some high school movie.

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