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Field Report from MCMaax at Eatons and Yorkdale

mASF post by Emotion

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Field Report from MCMaax at Eatons and Yorkdale
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mASF post by "Emotion"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/9/05 12:36:00 AM, McMaax wrote:
>Hey man the girls were
>completely engaged and totally
>diggin how much I understood
>sexual social dynamics. They
>also contributed and said.
>You're so right. I can't stand
>when guys do ....blah blah
>...They were totally
>contributing. I don'[t think
>you read my field report
>regarding the input I was
>getting. I do agree with your
>first point about f closing
>then number closing....I will
>do that next time. In terms of
>engaging the girl..absolutely
>I do ball bust, do future
>projections, role playin'g
>call her powerpuf girls, kino
>her, do the trust
>test...tickle , thumb wrestle
>and all that.
>Please now you
>know that the women are
>engaged in what I am

Well, what do you want advice on?

In your first post, you wanted me to comment on your opener. I thought it was
ass. You didn't mention any other elements to your game, you just talked about
your opener. I assumed you didn't really have anything there. I gave you very
simple advice on how you could go from @closing, to instadates and actual lays.

Now you say you are engaging the girl and etc. Then why @ close? If you are
really doing all that, my advice can't help you, because you are running solid
sets 100% and that is alot more than I can do. But it doesn't sound like you
are moving towards a lay, if you are @closing.

My only other advice is to move agressively towards each step of the sarge.
Attract, comfort, isolate, sex. I like the M3 model for this (no i am not
soliciting MM, i just think the 9 steps are good.)

But if you already are doing everything, then what do you want help with?

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