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mASF post by Intime

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mASF post by "Intime"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

Sorry for not answering the questions but ive just come across this and have
already read most of you guys answers so ive probably been influenced.

Hey Dimitri, the post wasn't "not very good", since it's basically one devoid
of content. I don't think there is any harm in quizzes like these and i noticed
many guys here enjoyed it. All of you could post your own. It's not only a
matter of having stock answers but also just sharing with each other about
their own styles and your preferences and options in situations.

Hey TD, im sure many here knew your "intention" of posting this thread. And i
think its fine for anyone of us to want to know where the rest of the guys are
in relation to us and just being curious in general.

I mean even with my meagre ability, i can usually tell from my own
understanding and experience what particular actions would generate a
particular response. As such i believe i can tell what advice is way off from
useful. So its up to you how u want to conduct your survey for your own

But I still don't think you should have verbalized the reason why you posted
this was to see where in general "the board is at" these days. Because i
honestly think your less than subtle digs could be their own topic. And
including them in replies, some guys will take it personally. But it might not
even get the attention that you think it deserves.

I just feel that when u started your post, u had already in mind your main
point for a future reply. And it wasnt about those situations.

Although you could dump all of our tendency of "posturing" into the ebook or

That is one of the things i think is cool about human nature. Many of us can
honestly see how the public is viewing a particular person and how a particular
person views himself or how he is thinking whenever u read something he writes
or when you converse with him. ( like cant u guys just tell that im just all
thinking im so smart and have so much good shit in my head trying to write
something that possibly makes no sense when its completed)

But we usually don't usually have that impartial judgement about ourselves. So
its kinda cool whenever somebody tells us how we are viewed by him or others in
general. Gives us insight into many topics like anthropology and social
and all that stuff which u guy talk about all day.

You also should know the emotional responses that your words would generate and
basically i do think its the same as tooling the guys who you were aiming at.
Even though you are right in many of your judgements and i have never seen you
lose any sort of internet argument. Instead of all this subtle stuff. I think
if you wana kick ass you should post one big "Get over yourselves" post or
whatever message you are trying to send out in general or off-topic or
wherever. I honestly it will do some of us good instead of living in our ego
centic dreamlands. Lots of flames sure..... but i think if you know our
insecurities and "what posters are trying to prove" when they post something
and how that could affect themselves negatively. Give it its own post and give
it a shot of teaching a message that might help someone.

None of us are perfect and i'm sure we are all trying. But its about learning
guys. right?

Hey some of U are supposedly teachers of social dynamics and interactions
btween pple. Either lay it all out and accept your opinions as opinions. Or use
that ability of yours to try to maintain respect for each other by without
resorting to any emotional "i'm right, ur wrong" arguments. And if u knew that
those words would illicit that reaction, why not tone it down a little so as to
not bruise the other's big ego

ok ive lost myself here. sorry for whatever ive written if it sucks.

This is a big board guys. And its full of really stupid people and also some
smart ones ( thats the variety the world is filled with). With a board so this
size it also has all sorts of personalities and characters.

Sometimes you ask particular supposedly top PUAS why they do not post advice
here often or why they left and no longer share their ideas and they have all
these accusing statements of where the board is currently at or the pple its
filled with.

If a place filled with people like these honestly affects your state then its
perfectly fair that you do not wish to participate.

But to those of you who know that you are good enough so that that the board
learns more from you than you could possibly learn from it.(most of the time)
And you regularly share your advice and are still willing to answer the dumbest
questions, then always remember that no matter how degraded or rubbishy the
board becomes. You are still adding value to at least some guys lives. And
that is why you will deserve the idolatry that you get from certain fellas no
matter how irritated that makes some others feel.

If you could see what i can do now compared to where i was, i can tell you so
much of it is due to this to this community's material. And i am honestly a fan
of anyone who makes sense most of the time.
Hung out with a new guy Politix yesterday and there he was thinking i was so
great when basically i had learnt almost everything from u guys.

I know most of this post had nothing to with what most of u guys were talking
about but after writing all this im not going to delete it. :

Ya why do so many "guys when they answer each others posts they almost never
stick to the original "frame" of the posting?

How did we manage to turn this spposed simple fun quiz into such a
controversial post. ( haha anything with more than a certain number of replies
is either a really good or controversial post )
If I wrote it, we might have about 3 replies rite now.

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