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Field Report from McMaax...Any advice!

mASF post by Design

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Field Report from McMaax...Any advice!
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mASF post by "Design"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/1/05 9:04:00 PM, McMaax wrote:
>"Excuse me.. I know you don't
>approached like this in
>malls/street as it is rare,
>and that is because most guys
>don't have the balls to
>approach or go after what they
>want( she starts to smile")
>but you caught my eye and I
>just wanted to see what you
>were like or what else you had
>going for you besides looks

I'm torn on this one and might field test it if I remember:

-on the one hand, you are verbalizing what you want to subcommunicate (you have
balls for approaching her directly), and this takes away the POWER of direct


-it shows that you are aware of social dynamics, and it is still you being

I would suggest that you try it with and without the "I know you don't
approached like this in malls/street as it is rare, and that is because most
guys don't have the balls to approach or go after what they want."

>2. Also, if a woman is
>interested in you..then you
>have already established
>interest and then you can go
>into rapport and closing,
>whereas indirect is alittle
>bit more tedious and you have
>to have alot of game to go
>from indirect to direct...But
>indirect is better in some
>instances I do agree, esp if
>the girl is a SHB, or in a
>major rush or in a club.

Well, okay, but let's distinguish between indirect and opinion openers. Most
opinion openers are indirect (not all..."mock" opinion openers like "dental
floss," are actually direct in my view), but you can use them even if you are
running direct game where you aren't trying to hide your interest because they
are INTERESTING (and lead to interesting conversations...or can) so they
establish high value from the start.

>So anyways I tell her that I
>need a female opinion on a
>shirt color for a wedding,
>pink or blue, and then she
>tells me that she is in the
>mall looking for shoes, so I
>say, well I'll hlep you if you
>help me decide between pink or
>blue, to which she says, well
>I need to see that on you..

Actually, this is good and goes back to the point I just made. You can open
direct and move into an opinion opener because of it's conversational value.

I'll leave the field report analysis to guys who know more about running direct
than I do. Good job though man.


Life By Design

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