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Opinion openers, rooting, and new one

mASF post by Odin Danneskjold

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Opinion openers, rooting, and new one
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mASF post by "Odin Danneskjold"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, April 4, 2005

I was out sarging yesterday with a wing, and I realized that what aspiring
PUA's talk about is very often stuff that women also find interesting. We
discuss social dynamics between men and women, sarging girls with BFs, sex,
gender roles, incidents when sarging, finding out afterwards that the chick had
a BF etc. At any given moment, you will have some HBs around you while you are
having this conversation. So why not just do an opinion opener on the subject
you actually _have_ been talking about for ten minutes? This helps with the
problem of rooting because you WERE actually having this discussion, and even
if the interaction doesn't escalate for whatever reason you get some input.

We also tried a new opinion opener yesterday that got a good reception. I think
this one should only be run on party chicks in clubs though, not in daytime
sarging. It goes roughly like this:

PUA1 to wingman PUA2 (loud, almost angry): "Man, you are on crack! What the
fuck are you talking about?"
PUA2: "Dude, you are delirious. I can't believe how full of shit you are."
PUA1 to set: "Guys, can you help me set this bozo straight? He is not making
any sorts of god damn sense."
HBs: "What, what are you guys arguing about?"
PUA1: "We are arguing about who of us got the nicest ass, and this guy is
clearly delirious."
Hbs: laughing
PUA1: "I think his mom dropped in on his head when he was a kid or something"

You keep arguing like this in front of them for some seconds, and only after a
while do they realize that YOU think HE got the nicest ass, and vice versa.
When they realize that, they crack up, and you can start grabbing your wing,
turn him around and pull up his shirt going "Come on, is this a great ass or
what? I'm telling you dude, if I was only slightly more gay than I am it would
definately been on between us tonight dude" etc, etc.

May need some polishing, but there you go.

"Cattle die, kindred die,
Every man is mortal:
But the good name never dies
Of one who has done well

Haavamaal, Words of the High One"

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