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Group Loyalty Dynamics

mASF post by stevie_pua

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Group Loyalty Dynamics
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mASF post by "stevie_pua"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Girls often go out in groups to bars and clubs. We know that. Who are these
chicks? Well some are out for fun, some are out to drink, some for attention,
some are out to dance and some are out to meet a guy. There could be a whole
host of CONSCIOUS reasons in her mind for going out and although meeting a guy
might not be consciously in her head as the reason for going out, an
UNCONSCIOUS and powerful motivation for hitting the town that night is the
social and sexual interaction that is possible. Think about it, if she really
was JUST out to dance she could have stayed home and danced in her front room
with a friend, a CD and a bottle of wine AND she would have saved a lot of

No, there are often unconscious psychological processes at work in our minds,
and while she might not be able to recognise the forces that make her feel like
going out, they are so often present pulling the strings and motivating our
behaviour behind the scenes. Of course there doesn't have to be just one or two
reasons, there are usually many. What I want to recognise here is chicks very
often have hooking up as either a conscious, or more likely, a unconscious
motivating factor in their minds when they go out to bars and clubs. They might
not recognise it as such and they may rationalise it to themselves by saying "I
am just going out to dance", but nevertheless, bigger forces can lie under the
surface and these can be tapped into by the person with the right skills.

I mentioned before about chicks often going out in groups together. There
exists a group dynamic between these chicks , a kind of "I'll watch your back
and you watch mine". They know on some level that they are prone to doing crazy
things like making out/having sex with a guy who they might later regret having
done so, or who the societal matrix might disapprove of in the light of day.
They can experience attraction spikes, see a tremendous opportunity or feel
strong attraction with the result of shutting off parts of their self-censoring
conscious minds when they are so excited. This is similar to the way a guy's
brain, if a chance for sex is on the table, can shut off higher level
processing in some way and he can do silly things like having sex without a
condom just because the opportunity is there right in front of him and if he
doesn't take it then he might lose out and never get the chance again. These
kind of reactions in both men and women can be traced back, in all probability,
to our evolutionary past. Chicks therefore, because of this shutting down of
higher levels of their thinking which results in impusive behaviour, watch out
for each other and can drag each other away from a guy who is clearly not up to
the mark or who seems 'dodgy' but who is frying the chick's circuits and seems
to be doing well despite his apparent lack of fitness traits to the rest of the
female group.

There exists a glitch to be exploited by the PUA, though. What if the friends'
reaction is wrong and they pull their friend away from this guy who might
ACTUALLY be 'all that' despite not having the usual traits. Take a guy who is
mega-rich and the guy is gaming a girl and her friends try to pull her away.
The friends saw a normal looking guy appearing to be doing well with someone
who they judge as being of higher fitness (their girlfriend). Why should he be
doing so well in their eyes? They don't know he is mega-rich. Therefore there
has to be a sub-routine in the minds of the chicks which allows for the
possibility of a guy who appears regular but who has hidden charms and high
level fitness which is not initially apparent. Otherwise a rich guy might come
along (or another guy with very high value) and they all lose out through not
realising what he had to offer. This is the glitch and it is where group set
theory comes into its own.

Think of two forces pulling on the target - one is the PUA and the other is the
target's friends. They want to protect her but also have to allow for the
possibility of an amazing guy engaging her. How do they decide whether to pull
the friend away?

1. They gather information themselves on the quality of the guy - how he looks,
what he says, how he communicates, and how other people react to him.
2. They get an indication from their friend that this guy is someone she wants
to be with and they should not cockblock him.

It is in displaying value and winning over the target, or ideally BOTH the
target and the group that allows you the in-road to keeping going with the
sarge and allows you to use the glitch in the societal matrix. Of course, one
of the reasons for isolating the target is to avoid this kind of loyalty
protection, but sometimes you need to face this loyalty issue just to get the
isolation without interference.

When you are talking to a chick you like next time, think to yourself - what is
the dynamic that this chick has with the rest of her group. How well does she
know them? What kind of a bar or club are you in and how much protection is she
likely to need - hint - in places like nightclubs which are reknown places for
guys to go to PU chicks they are likely to have a greater emphasis on loyalty
between group members but in more relaxed places like traditional pubs where
people go after work to chat and relax there is likely to be less loyalty and
protection between group members and therefore less of a dynamic for you to
have to overcome. Also think about the time of day or night you are engaging
the group - late at night is almost always going to result in a stronger
loyalty dynamic between the group unless they are crazy party girls who live
life on the edge - often LSE types, by the way. If you can overcome that
loyalty that the friends of the target feel towards protecting the target from
a guy they are unsure about then you are going places with the girl of your
choice. Winning over the group becomes such an important ability to have then.
If you can't overcome that loyalty dynamic which is felt for the target by the
group you'd better learn how to do group set theory if you want to do well with
fast seduction as part of solid game.

Start thinking about the group loyalty dynamic.

* * * * *

Underdogs come from behind
Assassins do it from behind
Bakers do it for the dough

* * * * *

Stevie PUA

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