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Lay Report: my game is back(pics)

mASF post by ox

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Lay Report: my game is back(pics)
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

i am going 8 for 12. 8 new girls in the last 12 weeks. not bad.

I rolled out. Kind of curious about how my game was gonna pan out this week
end. Wrong state of mind. Outcome mentality responsible for me dropping my
state at the beginning of the night.

Arrive to first bar. I am liking myself. My out fit is good. I feel
confortable. I am thinking it is gonna be great though it is a slow night
because it is summer. People go away on holiday and bars are
excuses. Play the game.

Play. Operating word. Be talkative. Chat girls.


First bar.

Place start to pack. No hotties fuck. See a three mix set by the bar. I
approach from behind but dont have the balls to open...why? i am such a ...fuck
my state is down...everytime i chicken out of set i drop my state. Reframe
homie. Open fattie with hb...i game the fattie and the hb disappeared. Left us
alone. Fuck this shit. Moving on. I see a girl that flaked on me. Chat her
friends and ignore her...whatever.

As i am leaving i see my fb brazilian. I come in again and chat her up and say
i will hook up with her next bar. She ok. Good fb. I will take her to the
I am going to leave out an hour of shameful state dropping and stalling...makes
me sick in the stomach. I am loosing my game for some reason.

2nd bar ...

this lay happened in 2 hours max.

I go in. Slow bar. No hotties. Place is going down. Fuck. Nothing to open. I
stand around and wait for new girls to arrive...then decided to chat girls on
my left. Both hb5´s. One is hotter than the other, long black hair and big
boobs, and nice body but still a 5. face ok. Makes my dick hard. She is wearing
a very short miniskirt and huge cleaveage. My dick is so hard. What better can
you ask for in a slow night.

I start gaming the hb5brown and ignoring hbminiskirt. She tells me she has a
boyfriend and i switch to hbminiskirt. She is hotter anyway. She tells me she
knows me. I say how. She tells me i opened her friend 2 months ago and they
made out in front of me for me to go away and dont bother them...ha, is
nice that i bring those feelings in girls. She made out with a girl i was
gaming to get rid of me and now i am going to fuck her as a punishment..
“destiny is not with a sense of irony”(morfeus).
Anyway i go back to my standard game of push and pulls and qualifying.
Ox: can you cook?
Hb: no.
Ox: so what can you do?
Hb: i dont know.

This girl is totally shy and lse. She wont do shit and i have to lead her all
the way. She didnt even want a picture with me. still i forced her to

Ox: what else you got other than looks(i love to say this to subpar girls,
makes them feel good)
Hb: i dont know...
It is time for me to fuck this ho.
Ox: you are bad. Let me see your palm. Palm read.
She flips and we start kino. I hold her hands.
Hb: old are you?
Ox: 42. but i look so young because i sleep on ice.
Ox: how old do you think i am.
Hb: 29
I hug her.
Hb: what ´s your job?
Ok. Photo routine. I show her a picture of me in my job, etc. And tell her to
guess my job. She cant. And i say i will tell her if she behaves. We rapport
Anyway we are holding hands and i start smelling her neck and asking her about
her perfume..standard shit before kissclose. she starts looking at my punk
watch. i give it to her. i give her my necklace too. she is not going anywhere.
c and t. solid game straight from my man loverboy.

Ox: would you like to kiss me right now?
Hb: no.
Ox: i didnt say you could..i said would you?
Hb: you are bad.
Ox: you probably cant kiss anyway
Hb laughs shyly. I like that.
I hold her head with my hands and k-close her. To my surprise, she cant kiss. I
was fucking right. She doesnt tongue down and shit.
I proceed to half an hour of kissing and breaking up. Getting her horny and
breaking away and dancing. Always breaking away from her when she is really hot
and make her chase. I caress her ass under miniskirt very lightly, make it hot
and then pull away from her..i do this until i touch her back and it is hot as
hell. She is ready for pulling...

In the meantime her friend is hooking up with some drunk guy. So much for the
boyfriend, uh..
I befriend them quickly. Drunk guy tries to pull shit on me and i plough with
befriending him and her girl until they like me. Cool. They offer me a drink
and i am in. So much for the cock blocks today. Totally disarmed. They are
gonna let her friend get some tonight.
I start overselling salsa place and how i am going to teach her some cool
moves. She is excited. And i say not now but we will go later when the band is
playing. I started this early in the sarge so now at the time of pulling ass it
doesnt come accross as “pulling ass”, more as going to a friendly place.

I tell hb that we gotta catch the 4am show. We should run. Negotiation starts.
Her friend doesnt want to let her go. I just know the drill and i lay back and
continue befriending her drunk guy. They talk and talk and i lay back cool as
shit. I know it is gonna happen. Then the stupid drunk guy breaks in their
conversation and ask “you gonna fuck her right”..fuck. is this guy retarded or
what? Embarrassing. Her friend tells him to shut up. She tells me she can trust
me (wtf) but she cant trust her. Meaning she wants to fuck me and there is no
way she can stop her.
I pulled her finally.
We arrive to salsa place and there is no band. They are on tour. So we walk to
my place. I dont say anything and i just walk her. When we arrive to me door,
she says she is not going up with me...i say “what´s wrong with my place”. I
proceed to kiss her and make her horny and i just opened the door and lead her.
I say we are going to watch a movie and nothing is gonna happen because i am
tired. Yeah right.
She comes up with me. My place is shit, messy, i say not to laugh. I say let´s
watch “troy”. I have a matress in my living room. Laid many girls in that
mattress. I say to come with me to the mattress. She takes off her shoes and we
proceed to make out. Stripping. She has a nice body. Nice boobs. I proceed to
foreplay, which is long and smooth(a lot of light touching in the groin,
tonguing the area around pussy, not pussy, only brush past it) until she is
panting for air and wants dick. Of course i wait till she asks for it,
verbally. I would never give anything that they dont want. I lost count after
she came twice...i proceeded to cream her(mouth, hair, etc) because i was tired
already. She left early such a good girl.

1. my game is so back. I had lost it. My push and pulls, my take aways..too
many fbs make you lose your game.

2. getting good at the logistics of pulling. Oversell venue change way in
advance so when you try to pull it doesnt come off as “pullish”

3. why i lose state so easily these days. No idea.

4. always befriend group. They will trust you with the lay.

5. it is possible to pull even when you are down with the state.

6. you can get laid in slow nights. I have done it twice. Many paradigms are
7. i dont even know her name..well..

What´s real?

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